Wordpress - 10 reasons we like it by The Marketing ShopPowering in excess of 66 million sites worldwide, WordPress has transformed the way many of us use the web today.

Where once websites were custom-designed by developers with specific skills, WordPress has made the web accessible and affordable to everybody.

So as it turns 10 today we’re looking at 10 things we particularly like about WordPress, our software of choice – also powering this website.

1. It’s cost-effective; WordPress is what’s known an ‘open-source’ i.e. the actual software is available at no charge, you simply pay for the design be that a theme or somebody’s time to customise it to suit.

2. As a user you control it, once the site has been set up with a little training you can easily add pages or blog posts.  In some cases as you become more comfortable you might make some bigger adjustments to your site but if ultimately you prefer to leave major changes to somebody more experienced it shouldn’t cost you a lot.

3. It’s adaptable – with many, many themes created by and offered at little or no cost if you feel it’s time for a new look you can add a new theme and have a new look in as little as a few hours.

4. It’s mobile friendly – in today’s world with mobile devices becoming ever more important to businesses and consumers, themes and plugins can give you a responsive site which adapts to suit many devices and usually for little extra cost.

5. It’s community-driven, WordPress is a project with enhancements and improvements taking place throughout the world on an ongoing basis and isn’t controlled by a large tech company.  It’s therefore quite tuned in to what the end user actually wants

6. Whilst a self-hosted version is the better option, particularly for those in business and offers more flexibility and functionality, for those who simply wish to blog about their interests you have the option of a free WordPress hosted .com site where you don’t even have to purchase a domain name.

7. It’s search engine friendly.  A host of SEO plugins to help you optimise your pages and posts and a user-friendly interface which simply allows you log in and type directly to the screen with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor means you don’t need to have coding skills to keep it updated regularly.

8. It can do pretty much anything you need it to.  There are plugins for everything from creating an ecommerce store to running user forums, some of which are available at no charge with others costing very little for the added peace of mind or additional features a premium plugin provides.

9. It can grow with your business.  Frequently used by small business owners it’s also powering big brand sites such as People Magazine, CNN, or Playstation.  The CMS (content management system) is very powerful.

10. You can integrate it easily with your social media and update these channels as and when a new option becomes available or when you decide to open a close a channel, often without needing any external assistance.   And of course you can give your readers multiple options to share the content you’re creating or the products/services you have on offer.

We’ve worked with many clients on WordPress and these are just a selection of the reasons we’re happy to recommend it as a superb way to get your business online whilst retaining control and keeping your costs down for the long term.  And we look forward to seeing what the next ten years brings for WordPress too.



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