computerWe’ve all been there, best of intentions on making a big change in the business but a rush of orders and those new plans can sit on hold for a while until it’s a little quieter again?

Well, we’re asking you to stop procrastinating and take up some new habits now that should help business remain a little more steady as opposed to peaks and troughs.

1. Build that database – if you’ve got regular customers coming to your business, give them an incentive to subscribe to a newsletter or like you on facebook.  It’s not enough to pop a sign on the door that states “we’re on facebook” – tell your customers what’s in it for them e.g. discounts, first to learn of new offers.  We find people more hesitant to hand over the email address these days as they’ll find you on social media, but they can like and unlike you just as quickly too!  If you have the opportunity to legally obtain information such as an email address do it, just you ensure you’re aware of Data Protection legislation (we’ve got a post coming up soon!).

2. Engage in proactive rather than reactive marketing – don’t wait to see what your competitors are up to before deciding on a new way of bringing customers in.  If you can see an opportunity and have the resources and ability to go for it, why wait?  Sure you can learn from others but if you come up with a new or novel way of getting the attention of your potential customers, isn’t it best to get there before the rest?

3. Focus on quality over quantity – focus not on the number of likes you’ve earned on facebook, followers on twitter or subscriptions to your email database.  Focus instead on the quality of the fans, after all 500 fans based in your immediate area who are likely to buy from your business are far more valuable to you than 1000 who only liked your page because you ran a great giveaway, never interact and live so far away they’re unlikely to ever stop by?  Quality counts online, watch out for our upcoming post for more detail.

4. Look backwards as well as forwards – new years and seasons are important and it’s better to be forward thinking as you march ahead with your business.  But sometimes it’s worth looking back too, learn from what worked and what didn’t work for you in the past.  You’re not obliged to re-invent the wheel every time you set out off on the next chapter of your adventure as sometimes a little change and you’ve got a brand new marketing campaign in place for next season too!

5. Ask for help – we’re all conscious of costs, but sometimes you’ll find that rather than battling to get the taxes done or multiple staff meetings discussing how to attract new customers to your business, that outsourcing to an expert costs a lot less in the long term than days of your precious time which could be spent more effectively.  You’ll also find that possibilities you may not have considered in the past are within your reach when you talk to an expert in their field, just as they’d talk to you for expertise in yours.

And when it comes to asking for help, make sure if it’s help with marketing that you talk to us at The Marketing Shop where our focus is on marketing to suit your business and your budget!



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