Blogging - The Marketing ShopThere are lots of ways to market your business effectively both online and offline and all businesses want to find that one way to bring traffic to their website or offline store while spending as little as possible.

One of the most powerful and cost-effective tools you have at your disposal is the business blog.  Frequently it’s not part of a website, other times it’s been neglected as quite simply there were more pressing issues within the business so it sits at the end of the to-do list.

So in this post we’re looking at five reasons you need to start blogging for your business;

1. It’s VERY search engine friendly.  Google (and other search engines) loves new content and in particular regular updates which it submits to its index and can then display to your target audience.  Often people consider that when their web designer signs off on the site it’s finished.  This however is a mindset that you need to move from, today a website needs to be easily updated or to enable the user to add new information on an ongoing basis – and that’s to keep both your customers and potential customers happy as well as the search engines.

2. It enables you to display the human side to your brand.  Whether you’re selling gourmet foods or industrial widgets you’ve got a story to share.  Some industries lend themselves to a more informal style of selling their product or service.  Others are required to be more formal in nature, perhaps because of legislation or quite simply the nature of the offering.  People like to buy from people and your blog is an area that can be used effectively to share a little more about the person(s) behind the brand.

3. You can add value.  Your shop window or website portrays your business in the manner you’ve decided to sell your product or service to the world.  It doesn’t necessarily lend itself to highlighting features and benefits that you as the seller are familiar with.  A blog however affords you the flexibility to portray how it might solve problems or save money for your buyer.

4. Social networks need content – and you want people to use yours.  If you’re active on twitter, facebook or google plus you’ll want people to read content that takes them to your website where they’ll find your products or services – and hopefully consider a purchase at some point.  Content can be shared by you, the business owner but the right content can and will be shared by those in your network too.

5. It’s effective in developing your personal brand.  You’ve got a short window of time to make an impression on your customer and online that window is considerably shorter than it would be in the real world.  If you’ve managed to get somebody on to your website or blog, you want them to spend time there where they can learn to appreciate the expertise you’re offering them.

Frequently those new to blogging struggle with finding their “voice” and often they’re surprised to realise that they actually do have a lot more to share with their audience than they expected.

If however you’re not comfortable creating updates on a regular basis or you’re quite simply short on time, you can outsource your blogging so that your messages are being delivered whilst you’re using you’re optimising your expertise where it serves you best.





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