seoIn the first of our new blogging series, The Marketing Shop Five, we’re going to look at Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it’s more commonly referred to.

There are lots of options available and you’ll find a lot of companies offering to get you to number one – at a cost!

Amongst the SMEs we’ve spoken to there appears to be great confusion and concern that they need to allocate a portion of their marketing budget for the purpose of SEO.

So, for today we’re offering five tips that are FREE – that’s right, they’ll just cost you a little time;

  1. Blog and remember content is king – original, keyword rich and good quality is essential for google.
  2. Do the keyword research, find out what customers are actually looking for and not just what you think.
  3. Link for quality and not quantity – find real links that’ll work for your brand, never just for the numbers.
  4. Use all free resources – Google Website Optimizer or Hubspot are fantastic for advice
  5. Write for the customer as well as the search engines.

These are our five recommendations for today, but they are by no means all you can do for your site.  But, as this series of guides is aimed at giving you a quick fix, stay tuned for the rest of our series and pick up tips you can implement on an ongoing basis that’ll work on growing your visibility in search engines.  And ultimately, on to your website or into your business.


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