linkedin_squareWhen people think of Social Media, frequently they think of Facebook or Twitter and quite possibly next on the list comes Linkedin which surprisingly is quite often underused amongst businesses.

So in this brief post we’re going to highlight five areas that things you need to consider when approaching Linkedin for business as a means of networking or developing your business or personal profile.



1. Complete your personal profile – ensure that all sections are complete; photo, experience, contact inmation, website(s), social media profiles, education and skills & expertise.


2. Join groups of interest – choose by industry, interest, skills and engage in conversations with others within the group.  And don’t be shy, you can start a conversation if you like too!


3. Consider your keywords – think about what people who may be interested in you as an employee or a service provider will search by; are these specific terms included in your profile? Could they be included in your title?


4. Make connections – look up colleagues past and present, business associates, friends.  Frequently you’ll find that your connections may be a way to link up with somebody so you can ask an introduction.


5. Create a page your business and encourage people to follow it news and updates – add a button linking to your page to emails, website, blog and once you’ve created the page, use it.


Linkedin is your professional self online, approach it as you would a meeting with a potential customer or job interview and use it to s off your best side as even though you may not have connected with somebody yet doesn’t mean they haven’t been checking you out!











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