So, what’s The Marketing Shop?

We’re the expert extra pair of hands you didn’t realise you needed until you discovered us! 

It’s our job to help with boosting sales now and taking care of your marketing for tomorrow, today!

Debbie Ringwood, Founder

And here’s why you’ll want to work with us…

The Marketing Shop celebrates its 10th year of business in 2021, a journey that’s been exciting and enjoyable and has seen us work with lots of amazing businesses meeting quite literally thousands of people along the way.

Founded by Debbie Ringwood, MII Grad – Graduate of both The Marketing Institute of Ireland and the Digital Marketing Institute, and as of 2021 a Facebook Certified Community Manager, Debbie brings over 30 years of real business experience to small and medium-sized business owners.

Marketing first made an official appearance in Debbie’s world all the way back in 1998 when she undertook four years of college with The Marketing Institute whilst working full-time in a managerial role.  At that point, Debbie had spent a decade in roles that covered Sales, Management, Recruitment, Projects, Customer Service, Local Marketing and lots more but she needed a new challenge and thus the journey into Marketing really got underway.

Having studied the more traditional aspects of Marketing, she was fortunate to find herself moving into the online world in the early 2000s with the first of many high traffic sites for well-known brands she has worked on and the exploratory days of making your presence felt on social media, creating and managing a first business Twitter account and Facebook presence for a business in 2009 – a time when both networks were in their early years and Instagram didn’t yet exist!

The Marketing Shop offers a diverse range of services because we’re mindful of the fact that our clients won’t always want to have a range of different partners as time is in short supply and multiple suppliers take up time best spent in a business, with us you’ll find everything right here in our ‘shop’!

In the past ten years, we’ve worked with a wide range of industries including; Retail, Hospitality, Travel, Healthcare, Alternative Therapies, HVAC, Motor Industry, Entertainment, Tradesmen, Software, IT, Childcare, Ecommerce, Landscape Gardening, Event Management, Security, FMCG, Health & Beauty, Interior Design, Home Technology, Professional Services, Classical Music, Print & Design, Catering, Financial Services, Insurance – and that’s just some of them!

We work with an extensive range of industries but we have one rule, we never work with two clients from the same sector at any one time and wouldn’t even allow for overlap as projects are at different stages because we believe that’s best for our clients.

And the projects – social media management, digital marketing training, email marketing, social media ad campaigns and promotions, marketing strategy, print campaigns, brochures, websites from one page to over one hundred pages, development of e-commerce stores, radio campaigns, event management, content creation, video marketing – and for a select number of companies at a time we’re a virtual marketing department where we can take care of anything related to Marketing (online and offline), Social Media and their Website.

Over the past ten years Debbie has personally trained start-ups in Digital Marketing for Dublin City LEO, was invited to become one of the founding members of Ulster Bank’s ‘Business Women Can’, was invited to meet a government junior minister to discuss small business, took part in research for a government department on women in business, worked on the Dublin Web Summit, undertook voluntary admin roles for charitable causes and community groups on social media and has  been involved with a wide range of business groups – currently she is a member of both Digital Women and WhatsWhat.ie

And aside from all of that Debbie is Mum to an incredible teenage boy, lives in South Dublin in Ireland, and enjoys live music, sport and travel.

Every single day is different here at The Marketing Shop, if you’d like to learn more about how we can make a difference in your business schedule a call at this link and we’ll have a chat by zoom or phone to discover what’s an option for you.




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