Armelles Kitchen - The Marketing ShopI find Twitter and Facebook very good to share what I do at Armelle’s Kitchen, being with photos of describing what I am baking as I am posting a comment.

I regularly post a “what’s happening” section on my website and then use social media to direct people to it. As well as gaining new customers through social media, I’ve also met some very nice people within the SME community.

I help when i can and I’m also happy to receive tips and advice when i need.

A few people came in the shop after following me on twitter; people i would have probably never get to know if it hadn’t been for twitter!

Social media does work, and is definitely a complementary tool other more conventional ways to advertise a business.

I keep on telling my fellow business owners in Kilcullen that they should use the social medias more, and take advantage of being able to display what they do for free, and make connections…


– Armelle Siomboing

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