Spring has finally arrived here in Ireland with unusually high temperatures for this time of year in February but quite possibly a change ahead as we head into March.

One thing we have to enjoy during March however is a range of different days of celebration and in this, the latest round-up of dates to note each month we’re going to cover the more well known and a couple of lesser known options too so that you’ve got some ideas for your social media.

  1. World Wildlife Day – 3rd March; in 1973 the United Nations General Assembly designated this a day to focus on the changing face of the wildlife on our planet. In more recent years the theme has changed to highlight a different issue each year. It’s not every business that can run an animal or plant related event but tickets to a zoo might make for a nice promotion in your business to tie in with it or if you’re in a supermarket for example is there an option to run a promotion related to pet supplies or flowers?
  2. Toy Soldier Day – 4th March; not quite as popular as they once were and possibly one of those toys that makes an appearance at birthdays or Christmas but great for encouraging little people to use their imagination. A nice idea for a child-related business might include a reference at this time.
  3. Pancake Tuesday – 5th March; love them or hate them they’ll be everywhere so if you’re in the food sector you need to think about new recipes, special offers or even a competition where customers might design their own.
  4. World Book Day – 7th March; celebrated around the world, take this opportunity to pick up a new book, encourage a young person to try a real book instead of a device and for those in business why not run a promotion with some book tokens or related books for prizes.
  5. Women’s Day – 8th March; celebrated around the world and in place since 1909 this is a day to celebrate everything that’s wonderful about being a woman. A nod to it is appropriate whatever your business and if you’re female look out for some of the wonderful events that are taking place around the country too.
  6. Dry Shampoo Day – 10th March; something lots of use but don’t give too much thought to other the brand we choose, a version of dry shampoo is said to exist as far back as the 15th century when it’s recorded that clay was used in Asia and a little later in Europe when starch was used beneath wigs to keep hair fresh! The first commercial option appeared in 1940 and it got its own day in Europe in 2017. So, today’s a day that could be used if you’re in the health and beauty industry.
  7. Plant A Flower Day – 12th March; with over 400,000 species of flowers around the world everybody has their favourite so why not use today as an opportunity to at least buy some if you’re not in a position to grow them for yourself.
  8. World Sleep Day – 15th March; lots of us don’t quite get the right quality of sleep we need these days with distractions such as smartphones and social media keeping our attention until too late in the evening. This is one day sleep disorders can be highlighted and if you’re in retail in the homeware sector it might be a nice time to do a promotion on bedding or furniture.
  9. St Patrick’s Day – 17th March; the day the whole world wants to be Irish! A bank holiday here in Ireland and celebrated in cities across the world, as a minimum look at a greeting and maybe an update of your social media graphics – it is a special day after all!
  10. International Day Of Happiness – 20th March; introduced by the United Nations in 2012 and originating in the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas in Asia which is thought to be one of the happiest places in the world. Today’s a day to do something to make others and of course yourself just a little happier.
  11. World Water Day – 22nd March; sadly up to 783 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water so the United Nations designated this day to remind us to think about how we might assist those who need help to secure something we tend to take for granted.
  12. World Theatre Day – 27th March; always an enjoyable event, why not support a local theatre by booking a show or if it’s suited your business sector think about a promotion with a giveaway related to either a local or national theatre as a prize.
  13. Black Forest Day – 28th March; yes, the delicious German cake which is actually known as Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte in Germany has its own day of celebration and dates back over to 100 years to 1915. A nice idea for a dessert if you’re in hospitality or if you’re not go on, treat yourself!
  14. Earth Hour – 30th March; In 2004 Australia’s World Wide Fund For Nature were exploring ideas to highlight climate change and they came up with ‘The Big Flick’ which on reaching across the world to San Francisco by 2007 became ‘Lights Out’ and over time this evolved to become ‘Earth Hour’ which is now thought to be an active campaign in over 200 cities across the world. It’s not an option for everybody in business to do something, you couldn’t for example switch off the lights with customers in-store but you might do something to mark it appropriately which your customers will appreciate too.
  15. Mother’s Day – 31st March; a day to celebrate all that’s special about those of us who find ourselves fortunate enough to become a mother and also those who are involved in the lives of children too as stepmothers, aunts, grandmothers. Retailers and those in hospitality will have been working on this event already, for others if it’s not appropriate for your business at least give it a shout-out.

So, that concludes our round-up of days you might like to mention this March. If you need help coming up with a promotion or designing graphics don’t hesitate to get in touch with Debbie at 0872785818 or debbie@themarketingshop.ie , or for any of our other services too.

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