Blogging - The Marketing ShopOne of the most effective means to generate traffic to your website is to create content and for most businesses the most cost effective and least technical means is to start with a blog or news section on your website.

Usually when I suggest this people worry about the content they’re going to include or what they can write about so here’s a list of ideas to get you started.


  1. Testimonials – yes you’ve probably got a section on your site for them but why not tell people about that latest letter praising your services?
  2. Case studies – display in words, images and maybe video too how a particular project worked out using your business.
  3. Industry news – maybe there’s new legislation or the market is changing, if it’s relevant to you it may just be interesting for your customer too.
  4. Product shots – yes you may have them on your website but why not focus on just one, talk about some of the benefits and maybe display some additional images to those already on the site.
  5. The people – introduce the team or preferred partners to your customers, people like to buy from people.
  6. Behind the scenes – what does the customer not see day to day, perhaps they’d like to see a little of how you operate behind closed doors if of course it’s something you can comfortably share.
  7. Awards – we’re not always great at praising ourselves but where you’ve won something make a bit of a song and dance about you, wouldn’t your competitors if they’d won?
  8. Infographics – if you’ve got something that can be shared visually such as the results of a survey, infographics tend to be very easy on the reader and as a result quite shareable too.
  9. Company news – have you taken on a new employee, won a contract that you can boast about, updated your premises?
  10. Interviews with the experts – if you’ve got in-house experts on a particular subject ask them a couple of questions, you could even use your social media to find out what your audience would like to know.


There are lots of options for content on social media so this is just a list to get you started, in the course of future blog posts we’ll give you some more ideas to work with.

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