Bloggertone is a business blogging community where a panel of experts blog on topics including Marketing, Sales, Management, Technology & Finance.  It’s a definite go-to place for news on view on the latest social media craze such as Pinterest or for ideas on how best to work on your presentation skills.  You’ll also find wonderful interviews with business people who are happy to share with you the secrets of their success.

And, as of January 2012 Debbie McDonnell will be joining the team.  Of course she’d love you to continue reading our own blog here at The Marketing Shop too, but we are inviting you to come join us over there as we’ll have some different posts to share with you there which will be equally as informative.  You will also of course, have the opportunity to meet some other fantastic bloggers which of course will be beneficial to your business.

To start with, here’s our very first post for Bloggertone which we hope you will enjoy –


Are You Judged By The Company You Keep In The Social Media Age?

Please feel free to pop over and add your comments, feedback is always welcome!

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