Debbie Harper, Tus Nua DesignsSocial media can be daunting but only because we have not grown up with technology, once you get used to it it’s a doddle.  I have only been using twitter since April 2011 and I remember my first couple of days, I could not understand the point of it, what do I say, how on earth can I only use 140 characters. To be honest it all just falls into place when you start following people & chatting. Now I am an addict.

I think of it as going to your local town and meeting new people only you are on a virtual street.  The same rules apply to social media as in everyday life,  be courteous, friendly, chat back and tell people about your business. Do you think people would get fed up if all you done were talk about your business? Yes,well that is how it works on social media as well.

People love to hear what’s new & what happening and how you can help their business but not all the time.  Just by chatting you are getting your name known & your brand recognised.

Embrace Social Media and have fun when promoting your business.  I personally use Hoot suite and Metro twit they are just the ones I like.  They enable me to set up columns.  I have columns for DM’s sent to me, direct mentions, #SMEcommunity and all that I follow . When I take part in something like #kaizenblog I just add another Column. It takes a while but with a little practice it will be like riding a bike.


– Debi Harper

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