The Marketing Shop - Flyers Traditional MarketingThis morning as with many other days the postman delivered a considerable assortment of flyers – as you’ll see from our photo.  And this isn’t a new phenomenon – unless it’s related to the area we’re based in which is relatively central in Dublin?  Today’s collection included flyers for a heating company, pizza restaurant, builder, taxi company, estate agents, a tourist attraction, a local TD and a local councillor.

As there’s often a tendency amongst small businesses to think that they must have a social media presence I decided to look at their activity.  The tourist attraction, TD and councillor have an active presence, the estate agent abandoned theirs last September and it would appear that the pizza restaurant don’t have a problem with bad language or horse meat memes –  the latter not a particularly clever idea for a food business but that’s another day’s post.

So today I’m wondering if your business engages in more established forms of traditional marketing offline such as;

  • Flyers
  • Print ads i.e. newspapers or magazines
  • Radio
  • Deals e.g. Groupon
  • In-store promotions/events
  • PR
  • Sponsorship
  • Outdoor ads e.g. billboards

If you’re marketing your business through social media as well as more traditional marketing channels, do you have a plan as to how they can complement each other?

I know there are some businesses who only use social media to market their business, generally as it’s seen to be more cost-effective.  We’d love to hear if you’ve ever tried more traditional marketing channels?

And, if you’ve abandoned social media we’d love to know why?

Whether we’re running a business or not we all come across offers that appeal to us, would you say that’s more likely to be online or offline?

Let us know in the comments or if you’d prefer not to comment publicly please feel free to drop an email to hello@themarketingshop.ie

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