The Dublin Web Summit takes place at the RDS Dublin from 2nd – 4th November 2014.  And once again this year, Debbie McDonnell will join the Live Team which ensures that those who don’t get to attend the event can learn a little about what’s happening at this wonderful event.

This year the attendance has doubled to 20,000 from over 100 countries – pretty impressive considering it started just four years ago!

The speakers this year are even more impressive than last, many high profile names and in other cases those behind brands we’ve come to rely on in our everyday lives at work or home.  Find the full list here.

If you’d like to follow my updates for the duration of the event you can follow me on twitter @marketingdebbie , see the updates through our own facebook page for The Marketing Shop.  I’ll also be updating The Marketing Shop’s Google Plus account and my own personal Linkedin if you’d like to connect with me.

The official hashtag for the event is #WebSummit2014 and I do recommend that you follow it for extensive coverage of the event across social media over the coming week.

Next week once we’re back full-time at the office we’ll review it for you and share some of the nuggets of wisdom we pick up too.



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