Marketing Plans For SMEs - The Marketing ShopWhen people talk about Social Networks in Ireland, there’s a tendency to refer to Facebook which now boasts in excess of 2 million accounts in Ireland or Twitter, which has on average 250,000 users.  There is however a third and very popular option which actually boasts more users than Twitter, yet because it doesn’t have the mass market appeal often isn’t a tool that many of those most in need of it actually use – Linkedin.

Linkedin is different to Facebook or Twitter in that it’s a professional network i.e. a platform on which you display your career profile as opposed to your personal profile and network with colleagues or associates from business as opposed to friends and family.  It’s a super tool for those seeking to change career, or even to pick up a job in the first place – not least because once you make your way onto Linkedin you’ll be quite surprised to find that you already know quite a few people on there.  You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to learn who your connections may know.

So, for this edition of The Marketing Shop Five we’re giving you five tips for making the best of your professional self on Linkedin;

  1. Complete your profile in full; summary, professional history, qualifications, websites, blogs, portfolios and last but not least a photo – and not one from your holiday snaps!  And where you’re hoping to catch somebody’s attention, a public profile is visible to everybody and not just your connections.
  2. Network; join groups that are of interest to you professionally. Talk to people, ask for advice, share information.  Linkedin offers myriad options for those with interests in all sorts of industries and is one of the few places you may find yourself talking to employees of major organisations that were otherwise inaccessible to you.  If a connection has a connection you’d like to meet, ask for an invitation.
  3. Use your headline effectively; if you’re looking for a job, say so.  In a country with unfortunately high unemployment levels at the moment there is no shame in using a header such as “Seeking a new challenge in Marketing” or similar.
  4. Consider the keywords for your role/industry; if you worked in Marketing but covered Social Media, PPC, Web or Copywriting for example, not including these keywords would mean somebody searching for people with Social Media experience would not appear in the search results.
  5. Don’t automate the twitter-feed; great to have the option to update multiple social networks at the same time but we strongly recommend that you differentiate the tweets into those suitable for twitter and those that are not suited to your professional profile.  And if you’re not sure how to do this, point 3 on the attached link will help you separate those appropriate for linkedin with casual chats on twitter http://learn.linkedin.com/twitter/– although bear in mind that twitter can be viewed by a prospective employer too, but that’s lined up for another post!
There are plenty of ways to promote your professional self on the web as you hunt for that elusive job or career move, but we think Linkedin is by far one of the most effective ways to ensure that you can display your professional self to the world.
Debbie McDonnell is the owner of TheMarketingShop.ie who work with SMEs across a range of sectors in Social Media, Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing. She has worked with major brands on and offline, is a Graduate of both The Marketing Institute of Ireland and The Digital Marketing Institute and has over 20 years professional experience.

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