We’ve covered the topic of cover photos on Facebook previously in posts such as this one as frequently people don’t real the small print in their terms of service until they’re caught for breaking a rule.

Well, I’ve been following a couple of conversations on the topic over the past few days and it would appear that a number of restrictions have now been removed.

Details of those changes to the facebook cover photo include;

  • No price information – in theory it would appear you can now advertise a discount, sale price, etc.
  • Nothing that is meant for your pages about section – up to now you were not permitted to include any contact information, there were spaces for this in your about section.
  • Any references to facebook features such as “like” or “share” – up to now asking somebody in your photo to click like was not permitted, this has also been removed from the terms of service.
  • Calls to action – previously you were not permitted to ask people to “get it now” or “tell your friends” but this also appears to have been removed from the terms of service.


Facebook cover photo rules relaxed March 2013


Something to note though – cover photos must not include text of more than 20%, so tempting as it might be to use that whole image to tell everybody you’ve got a SALE don’t, they can simply zap them as it is monitored.  Plus even if all text is the easy option for those who don’t have design skills or access to a suite of images, it is actually quite boring for your fans.

And all of this appears to have happened quietly, simply brought to our attention by those who keep a close eye on what’s happening at Facebook.

So what does this mean for a small business owner, well it would very much seem that as with other networks such as Google Plus you can use this cover photo more effectively to promote as opposed to merely selecting an image that represents your business.

Most likely it’s all part of the new look facebook where images are going to become more important with the introduction of a new and improved newsfeed.  We’re still waiting for the new and improved newsfeed along with open graph for search and the new and improved timeline!

But just because we aren’t in a position to test and review it for ourselves doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing for the changes ahead and we’d therefore recommend this post which includes an update from Facebook and a selection from some of our favourite blogs on the web who have seen it first hand.

You can also read more on the update to terms of service on Inside Facebook and of course on Facebook (see section 1, III, B cover photos) – the latter definitely a link worth bookmarking for future reference.

Everything is about to get more visual, time to start taking more photos and brushing up on those photoshop skills!



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