Amid much speculation about a Facebook phone, the reality was actually a new software which will initially be available on the android platform only.  Essentially Facebook home is about a new kind of home screen for your device, a social layer which enables you to stay more tuned in to updates from your network – although it remains to be seen whether this is a good or a bad thing!

This is the official video launching Facebook home to tell you more.

And you can read more on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/home
In actual fact it will only be available on a limited number of android devices initially, one of which will come with the software pre-installed (a HTC handset) – quite probably the nearest thing to their own phone that will be available.

It will be available for download from Google Play in the US from 12th April and as yet I haven’t seen any details for Europe or indeed Ireland but from what I’ve read to date it would appear that it will also work with Samsung Galaxy III so will have mine on stand-by to review as and when we know more.

Meanwhile it goes on the list along with the new newsfeed, the new timeline and of course open graph for facebook products I look forward to trying.


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