Yes, you did right it correctly – there is in fact another change coming up on Facebook.

Today, 7th March we’re hearing that facebook newsfeed is to be updated, primarily in the way it’s displayed.  Although nothing is ever certain prior to the official announcement, sites such as Techcrunch are predicting that the feed will be content-specific i.e. that you can filter by photos, music, friends, etc.

It would of course be expected that ads will feature prominently in the new design, after all Facebook do need to keep their advertisers happy.

The Facebook newsfeed has remained largely unchanged since for many years so there are bound to be teething problems and a level of resistance as people get used to the new layout.

As the rumours are quite simply just that, we’ll reserve judgement until we’ve been able to test it for ourselves – just as we’ve had to hold back on Graph Search which we’re still waiting for.

We will report back however and in the meantime we’ll be more than happy to share appropriate updates through our Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin and Twitter channels.

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