We first heard about it in September and many of us signed up and have enjoyed it ever since.  Now it seems that those of you haven’t yet switched over are going live sometime very soon!

A update shared on the Facebook blog today tells us that it’s in the process of being rolled out worldwide and that when it hits your account you’ll have seven days to edit your timeline before it’s published.

Take your time to learn Timeline when you move over, it really is fantastic and you’ll quite probably be surprised and delighted to remember old updates or conversations as you look through the months and years that were previously gone forever once they moved below the fold.

The Facebook Timeline is available to profiles only i.e. people, so if you are a business who still hasn’t made the move to a page be warned that as the Timeline is not designed to cater for a business, using the wonderful cover photo to create a fabulous ad for your business is breaking the rules which you’ll find here.  And if you are a business who knows they need to move but aren’t sure how, you might be interested in our post on the benefits of a page and also the info on the how to convert to a page here.

For those of you who wish to design their own image for their Timeline, the dimensions for the cover photo 850px wide x 315px high, with the profile image sitting bottom left being 125px x 125px.  We look forward to seeing some wonderful images appear in this space but for those who’d like a little inspiration there are a lot of sites offering images you may like or the option to create your own – we think Firstcovers.com is a great one for this.

If you’d like to read up on or watch the video that was shared with the world when it was first launched in September 2011, you can view our post from that date here.

You can also view today’s update to the Facebook blog here.


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