Facebook Timeline Reminder

Is Your Page Timeline Ready?

We’re now on the final countdown to Facebook Timeline becoming the default for ALL business pages!

Yes, this Friday if you haven’t done it already your page is going to be transformed – for the better we think too!

So, if you’re in a last minute panic to manage your makeover, here are a few points you need to know;

  • Cover photo (the big one at the top) is 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels high.
  • Logo is 180 pixels wide x 180 pixels high.
  • If you’ve got a photo you’d like to re-size, we recommend picnik.com (this disappears soon, enjoy it while you can!) – use the basic edits function to re-size, crop, brighten it up or just generally get creative.
  • Your cover photo is not an ad for your business, it should represent it.
  • You are not permitted to advertise price information e.g. 40% off, sale, etc.
  • Contact information is not permitted e.g. email/web address/phone number.
  • Requests to “like our page” or “share us with friends i.e. use any part of the Facebook platform as part of your photo.
  • Do not include any calls to action e.g. find out more at our website, read more on our blog, etc.
  • You can go back through your timeline to decide which posts you wish to leave, which you wish to delete and which you wish to highlight – click top right of the post (the star) to do this, your post will expand to the full width of the screen.
  • Add in some highlights, if you’ve got photos no matter how old add them to the site – you can continue to do this over time.
  • Update your About section so it’s fresh and relevant for now.
  • Choose which tabs to display bottom right of your profile, 4 will display and one of these will be photos – the others are selected by clicking the little arrow and swapping any tabs you have around.
  • Choose a post to Pin at the top of your page i.e. a favourite which will be displayed for 7 days, it’ll be denoted by a little orange flag.
  • Familiarise yourself with the new admin section.

Overall the move would appear to be a positive one, as this post from Mashable highlights. We’ve had it here since it was launched 29th February and we’re quite happy with it, pop over and like us at https://www.facebook.com/TheMarketingShopIreland – and of course, feel free to ask us any questions you may have in relation to the move!

We’ve also got a previous post from a few weeks back which may address some of your queries – https://thesocialmediashop.ie/Facebook-Timeline-For-Business-10-Things-You-Need-To-Know

And when you’ve got the masterpiece in place, stop by and share it with us on Facebook 🙂







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