It would appear that Facebook is now testing a ‘trending now’ option in the newsfeed, it first appeared on both desktop and mobile over the weekend (November, 10th).

While it doesn’t appear to be widely available, or indeed consistent – couldn’t find it at all during the way to do a screen-grab, it looks as though we might see more on it shortly.


Trending Now

To date I’ve seen posts from CNN and PC Mag, neither of which are pages I’ve already liked as you can see from the screen-shot above. The ‘Trending Now’ post appears in the newsfeed in addition to and above a regular sponsored post.

It’s not clickable and doesn’t appear in the same manner that trending topics would on Twitter for example but it’s new so who knows what’s coming up next.

I’ve also searched a number of resources I would trust for Facebook news and these are the only options I can find at this moment –



As we learn more or come across more information on this latest addition to the Facebook Newsfeed we’ll share it here.

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