On a number of previous posts we’ve covered the topic of promotions and how you are required to comply with specific terms and conditions when running a promotion or competition on the platform.

Totally out of the blue in August 2013 Facebook updated those rules essentially making many of those same conditions obsolete.

So, what do you need to know?

In the past you were not permitted to run a promotion or competition or your Facebook page which required an entrant to comment, like or share as a condition of entry.

There was also a requirement that a third party application be added to your page in order to facilitate any competition.

However, with the update to terms and conditions for promotions the following now apply –

  • 3rd party applications are no longer required to administer a competition or promotion.
  • You can use a facebook business page to run a promotion or competition, not a personal profile – this has never been permitted so essentially if your ‘page’ has a date of birth you’re using facebook incorrectly.
  • It is now permitted to ask people to enter a competition by leaving a comment, liking a post or posting to a pages page.
  • Voting for a photo or other post is now acceptable as a form of entry into a competition.

  • Tagging must be accurate; you cannot ask people to tag themselves in a photo of a new product or service as a means to enter a competition.

One to note relates to the ‘like and share’ competitions which many quite simply consider to be spam.  They don’t appear to have clearly defined that you can’t use them but if this is your preferred option for a competition there are problems you quite probably aren’t aware of – as a page admin you cannot view the details of those who enter by ‘sharing’ where the user has secured their privacy settings.  Essentially you’re not actually enabling all of your intended entrants actually enter the competition at all.

So, what happens to apps?

Apps while not a mandatory component of your facebook marketing now are not redundant.  You can use them to help you choose a winner (not easy if you manage to get thousands of comments or likes!).  You can also of course use apps to secure additional marketing information such as an email address which for the long term can prove more important to your business.

Look out for our upcoming post on apps and how you can use them now that the terms have been revised!



You can find the update from Facebook relating to the updated terms relating to promotions at  https://www.facebook.com/facebookforbusiness/news/page-promotions-terms


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