Over the past couple of days a lot of posts have appeared on my newsfeed warning about facebook changing the default settings on your facebook account so that all of your information will now be available to everybody with the introduction of Facebook Graph Search.

So, how true is this?  Well, it would depend on how your privacy settings are set now as if you’re currently sharing everything publicly that’s just about to become a little easier to find.  If on the other hand you’ve given a little thought to how your settings are, the biggest change is that everything is going to become a little easier to find amongst those you’re already happy to share with.

If you’re not sure about your privacy settings, this is how you can review them;

  • Top right drop down menu (which you also use to log out), select ‘settings’
  • Select ‘privacy’ to arrive at ‘privacy settings and tools’ as this screenshot shows;

FB Privacy Settings



Within this section you have a couple of options which are within your control as follows;

Who can see my stuff?

FB Who Can See My Stuff


I’ve highlighted two areas you should note here.  First of all there’s a section to determine who can see your future posts i.e. everything you post as of now.    The second more importantly is allowing you to set a standard setting for whether your content is available to the public, friends, etc.  You choose to suit yourself and this is the setting that will be in place until you choose to update it again either via your privacy settings or within an individual status update as the example above reminds you.

Once you have made a decision in relation to your future posts, you have two further options within this section.

FB Privacy 2


Review all your posts and things you’re tagged in – this is one we recommend you use so that you can keep an eye on what’s being shared about you, providing of course the person who posts the content tags you in a comment or photo that is.

Limit the audience for old posts on your timeline – using this tool updates the settings for all of your previous posts.  If you had shared everything publicly you can now opt to share with friends only and for most people this is fine.  If however you like to share some of your posts publicly or with followers as opposed to friends you might need to do a little extra work in adjusting the individual post settings for those you’d prefer to share publicly through your timeline on a post by post basis.


Once you’re happy with the above these are the final sections you should update in your privacy settings and you can decide here whether anybody can contact you, whether you can be found through your email address or phone number and what you would like delivered into your inbox.  With the inbox option you can opt for ‘basic’ which is friends or people you may know i.e. those who may be friends or have a group in common with you for example and this is the recommended option.

FB Privacy 3



Separately to the above you may wish to edit the settings on your photos if for example you wanted to share some publicly and some with friends, this can be done on an individual photo basis.

On your timeline you may also wish to review the information you are displaying to specific individuals e.g. close family members, co-workers or acquaintances, or indeed publicly.  Go to your own timeline and just beneath the cover photo on the right hand side you’ll see the following two options;

View as


Far right you’ll see a little wheel, click on this and a drop-down menu appears, first option on this is ‘view as’.  Within this you can opt to view as a specific person i.e. what a particular person sees from their personal facebook account.  You can also opt to view as public so you can see what’s available to those who you have not added as a facebook friend.

We’re going to do a follow-up post which will focus on what Facebook Graph Search is.  So far from what we’ve seen it’s a huge improvement and we can see the definite pluses for those of you in business who are using Facebook as part of your marketing.

If in the meantime you’d like to learn a little about what Facebook Graph Search actually is, you can find the official update from Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch



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