GLDAIn September we were delighted to participate in the 4Ms Workshop – Mental, Marketing, Media & Mentoring – arranged by the Garden & Landscape Design Association (G.L.D.A.).

The GLDA is Ireland’s only association of professional garden designers, horticulturists and landscape architects with members from across the island of Ireland.  


GLDA Conference September 2013

L-R; Bill McCartney, Jill Barrett, Debbie Ringwood-McDonnell, Ray McDonnell, Christine O’Brien, Cosmo Mellon



At the forefront of Irish gardening, those of you who are familiar with Bloom in the Phoenix Park Dublin in June might just have been lucky enough to view and admire some of the creations from within this talented group.

Members of the GLDA are assessed by a team of professionals so if you’re selecting a member from their database you can be assured that you’re dealing with somebody suitably qualified and experienced in their field.

The GLDA aim to set standards for garden and landscape design, raise awareness of their members and services available, to provide ongoing educational opportunities and to facilitate the exchange of information between its members, the public and relevant suppliers.

As part of the ongoing training and development, The 4 Ms Conference took place in Dublin and it featured an impressive line-up of speakers on the day, including;

Jill Barrett, The Head Coach

Jill’s presentation was on ‘Landscaping The Mind’ where she shared some top tips to help keep you mentally on top of your game and some very welcome take-aways which I’ sure will be of immense benefit to all attendees.

Debbie Ringwood-McDonnell & Ray McDonnell, The Marketing Shop

Our presentation was on Marketing Strategy and what you need to consider when you strive to get noticed in business. We covered areas including traditional marketing, websites, blogs, email marketing, social media & what you need to consider when implementing a strategy.

Bill McCartney, Net4WiseOwls

Bill’s entertaining presentation offered wonderful advice on how to use Facebook effectively, how to create the right impression on Linkedin and how to ensure that social media is optimised for engagement and communication.

Cosmo Mellon & Christine O’Brien, TalentPool Catalyst

Cosmo covered the topic of mentoring and how beneficial it can be to have an experienced business professional work with you.  Christine tackled the challenges of cold calls and sales calls, something most of us would prefer to avoid.


It was a fantastic event with a programme that had been meticulously put together by the superb team at the GLDA to ensure that their members could take time out to focus on developing their business going forward as well as affording them with the opportunity to network.

You can find out more about the GLDA on their website at; www.glda.ie or on their facebook page.


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