The Marketing Shop "How To" GuidesIf you’ve come across a local event in your Facebook such as this one in your news feed, you might just be wondering how it got there?  Here are our simple steps to follow so you can ensure that your event gets noticed.

Facebook events appear in news feed


On your Facebook business page you have the option to add Status, Photo/Video and Offer, Event+ as per our screenshot below and in this instance you will select Offer, Event +

Facebook Events - Step 1

Once you have selected Event you are taken to this screen from which you will select Event.

Facebook Events - Step 2

Our next screenshot covers the specifics of the event.  We suggest that you use all fields so that potential attendees have as much information as possible to enable them make a decision on whether they can attend.

In this section you will note that there is a ‘Tickets’ field which is recommended if you are restricted on numbers or there is a ticket cost.  If you are selling tickets through your website you would input the url to your event or ticket page.  If you are new to arranging events eventbrite.com is an excellent system to use and where your tickets are free there will be no charge to you, a percentage is payable once you charge.

In this next screen you will also note that there is an option to restrict posting to the event wall to admins only.  This is of course your decision but generally I would think it’s a good idea to allow people post queries or discuss.

Facebook Events - Step 3

This is the final stage of the event creation in Facebook (a larger image is available by clicking the link below).

Within this screen you have the opportunity to add an event image which must be in excess of 400 pixels wide.  You also have the opportunity to invite, share, export or promote event in addition to a means to communicate with those registered to attend.  And if you’ve completed the location field carefully you should have a location map included also.

Facebook Events - Step 4Click here to view a larger version which shows the detail more clearly.

We think this is a particularly convenient way of promoting your events on Facebook, if of course it’s the place your target market is likely to be found.

In our experience it is worth allocating a budget to run an ad specifically tailored to promoting the event also in order to increase your reach.  And if you are advertising an event, ensure to run it up to the date of the event only as up until 9th April I was still being shown ads for a St Patrick’s Day event at a Dublin business!


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