linkedin_squareIf you’re using Linkedin for business you should hopefully have come to realise that there is enormous benefit to joining groups of like-minded individuals in your field of interest.  And of course  that would be when you actually engage as opposed to simply joining and watching the conversation.

Sometimes though as your needs change you might decide to leave a group for a number of reasons, or to quite simply tone down the updates if it’s starting to clog up your inbox.

So in this ‘how to guide’ we’re showing you the steps involved in updating your settings for a specific group.  In this case we’ve chosen to leave this particular group as it’s grown so big that there is significantly more self-promotion than conversation at this point.

In our first screen shot this is the typical page you’ll see once you’re a member of a Linkedin group.  Name and logo appear top left with discussions, members, promotions, jobs, manager’s choice, latest updates and most popular discussions each allocated their own header.  The one you are interested in is “More” which we’ve highlighted top right.


How to adjust group settings on Linkedin



Once you select “More” you’ll come to this screen which offers you a number of additional options.  You can view the group rules, encourage others to join by sharing, opt to have the group’s logo displayed on your profile or not, adjust your email address, decide whether an email for each discussion is necessary or not, choose frequency of digest emails, decide whether or not group manager is permitted to email you or whether individuals in the group are permitted to contact you by private message.

Each of these options are down to personal choice, in some groups we would tend to offer opportunities to interact via message whereas on others we prefer not to.

For today’s post however we are looking to leave a group, the button for which is situated quite discreetly bottom right as highlighted in our second screen-shot.

Adjusting your settings on a Linkedin group

On this page you’ll also note that there is a heading for “Updates Settings” from where you can click through to your “Account Settings” but that’s for another day’s post.





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