The Marketing Shop "How To" GuidesFacebook offers profiles for people i.e. humans that are male or female and come with a date of birth.  It offers pages for every other presence e.g. brands, local businesses, etc.

There are issues with businesses using facebook profiles instead of official pages which we have covered in this post, both for those who are behind the business and those who have be-friended the business.

So perhaps use this post as a reminder to check how many businesses appear on your friend list?

On other occasions profiles are created that are fake, share copyrighted or inappropriate content or indeed partake in some other behaviour that you might be uncomfortable with.

While there are many who might not appreciate the damage such accounts can do so Facebook does offer its users the opportunity to report a profile which for any number of reasons is not being used correctly.

So how do we do this?

Click on the profile in question, beneath the cover photo (large image at the top) and beneath this you have two options;

  • Add as friend / Message
  • Friends / Message – in the event they’re already on your friend list

In either case select ‘Message’ which gives you an option to ‘Report/Block’ and this is the option you choose and you’ll come to this screen.


Report Facebook Profile


If you opt for ‘Submit a Report’ you then have the option to confirm to facebook why you wish to report this particular profile.


Report Facebook Profile


Within each of these options you can choose from the following;

  • This timeline is using a fake name
  • This person is annoying; sending spammy friend requests / sending spam messages / posting annoying things.
  • This person is impersonating someone; me / someone I know / a celebrity.
  • This profile is full of inappropriate content; inappropriate profile picture / sexual / other.
  • This is a fake account; this timeline was created to bully or harass me / gamer / pet, cartoon or other character.
  • This profile represents a business or organisation.


If you opt for the last option, you get another prompt “Send a message asking XXXXXXXXX to change their account to a Page” and if you decide to let the page know there is an issue, Facebook even includes the message for you which reads;

“Hi, it looks like your personal account represents a business or organisation. Personal accounts aren’t meant for this, but you can easily change your account to a Page – it’s the best way to represent a business on Facebook. Here’s info on how to do it: https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=213602951994043”

And for the record, if you opt to send the message you are actually starting a conversation with the person in question as the message also appears in your own inbox!

While this is something that not everybody will fill the need to do, it is handy to know that there are options available if for whatever reason the person(s) behind a profile behave irresponsibly so that we can all enjoy it for the wonderful resource that it is.




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