facebookThere are times when you quite simply cannot be at the desk and yet you don’t want to abandon your facebook page.

So, with this in mind we’ve put together a series steps outlining how to schedule a facebook update so your fans needn’t know any differently.


1. Update your status, including link or photo if applicable – take note of the ‘clock’ bottom right of this image.



2. Click on the ‘clock’ symbol and you will be prompted to select a year, month, date, hour and minute so you can choose when you wish the update to appear on your page and select ‘schedule’.

Input year, month, date, hour and/or minute



3. You will receive the following prompt to re-confirm the details and if details are correct you simply select ‘close’.

Confirmation of details for your scheduled post



4. If in the previous step your details are incorrect or you’ve changed your mind on the details you can select the option to ‘View Activity Log’.  Alternatively you can access the activity log by selecting ‘edit page’ and ‘use activity log’.  Either option to access the activity log will take you to the following screen;

Facebook page activity log

If you wish to adjust your scheduled post hover top right of this screen and you’ll see the pop offering you the option to change time, publish now or delete post.

Scheduling posts through facebook, or indeed any other social media tools across any platform ensures that on a day where you might not have the time to be online as much as you’d wish that your page is not abandoned.  You do however need to ensure that you are watching for updates or any interaction on posts that you have shared and responding as appropriate.

We would also suggest that despite the convenience attached to scheduling posts, it isn’t the ideal to schedule weeks or months worth of posts up front as your social media does need to be relevant.  While certain items such as events or special offers may be available in advance and can be slotted in, if for example the latest breaking news is relevant to your target market this might just be more suitable content for the day instead.


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