Recently figures appeared on a number of websites suggesting that some 13 million people have NEVER updated their Facebook privacy settings!  Aside from those people we know from speaking to people every day that there is a lot of confusion on what individuals are sharing online, quite frequently unaware that the world can see their every move if they were so inclined.

So in today’s post we’re highlighting where you can review your privacy settings on Facebook so that you can protect who has access to your wall.

When you’re logged into facebook you’ll see the symbol we’ve highlighted below on the top right of your screen.  This is where you’ll access your privacy and security settings and is a button you should become familiar with.


Facebook Privacy 1




Once you click on this icon you’ll get a drop-down menu which looks like this and in this instance you’re looking at ‘Privacy Settings”;

Facebook Privacy 2


Once you have selected Privacy Settings you will be directed to a screen which enables you to select who or what sees the various sections of your personal facebook profile.

Facebook Privacy 3


And within this section you have a selection of areas to review which include;

Who can see my stuff?

Who can see your future posts?

This determines who can view your future facebook updates, photos, people you’ve tagged, etc.  By selecting the “edit” option here you can choose from friends, friends except acquaintances, only me, custom or close friends.  There are also ‘lists’ which may include the area you live in, the school you went to, places you’ve worked, people connected with a page you admin or lists you’ve created yourself.

There is also the option to select ‘public’ and this is something we would recommend against.  This is the option which decides that you’re happy to share all of your content with the internet.

Review all of your posts and things you’re tagged in?

Is there anything worse than logging into facebook to find yourself tagged in a most unflattering photo?  Avoid this by taking control of whether that tag is approved or not by opting to use your activity log.  It won’t stop a friend uploading a photo but it will prevent it appearing in your timeline with your name against it unless you’re happy to approve.

Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public?

No matter how careful you might be with your settings, simply sharing an update from a page or from somebody else’s profile that has been set to public you may well find yourself sharing updates with more people than you realised.  You do have the option to review your profile and adjust your settings at any time.  To update it on an individual status as per the following screenshot;

Facebook Privacy 4


If you select the option within this section to “Limit Past Posts” you can with one click switch everything to your preferred option, in our case it would convert all updates to ‘friends’ as this is the option I’ve selected for general updates (although I do frequently update select individuals or lists only).

Who can look me up?

This is where you decide who can find or contact you through Facebook.

Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided?

Everybody must provide an email address, sometimes you’d prefer to keep this private.  Frequently people don’t include   a phone number at all as it’s optional.  It’s your decision and once you select ‘edit’ you can choose who may view your contact details from those who don’t already have full access to your profile e.g. your friends.

Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline?

Are you happy to let people find your facebook profile through google or bing?  It’s your decision and you simply check the tick box if you are happy to share your details.


In an upcoming post we’re going to look at your “Timeline and Tagging Settings” i.e. who can see what on your actual facebook timeline or personal profile.  This is where you’ll make information more or less publicly available so stay tuned for this – or subscribe to our RSS, facebook or follow me on twitter for the update as it becomes available.





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