digitalYou may not have the resources of some of Ireland’s biggest companies but if you haven’t yet considered Digital Marketing for your business, regardless of size, there’s a whole new untapped market out there waiting for you.

We’ve come across many companies who’ve carefully collected valuable customer information over months or years such as email addresses and haven’t known quite what way to go about putting together an effective emarketing campaign.  Or they aren’t aware of how they ensure that they comply with Data Protection regulations if they want to start contacting new potential customers in their area or field.

There are other businesses then who’ve set up a website and it’s not quite paying its way as had been expected, but aside from establishing that Google Adwords might be an option they’re not quite certain how much they should spend, or how to go about ensuring that they’re getting the best value for their spend.  As for activity on the site, might that be an unknown?

Others yet again can identify a website they’d like to advertise on but aren’t quite sure how they get their brand up there against the large corporations, or if they can afford to even consider it.

And then there are companies who had intended to create a website but until now business has been booming and they’re only now finding the time to look at the alternatives but aren’t quite certain how they go about creating a site that will effectively be theirs to update without having to pay monthly or annual maintenance charges, or requiring an expert to add their latest special offers.

We hadn’t forgotten that there’s also the great unknown of Social Media, which can potentially lead to success in markets you’d not previously considered because of the perceived risk of maybe not quite liking what you might hear?  Or maybe have created the presence but find it’s not going in any clear direction just yet.

Whatever the requirement, when it comes to Digital Marketing there’s always a fit for your brand.  Even better, there’s always a fit for your budget.  Better still, in most cases you’ll see how many people actually saw your ad, clicked through to your site and if you opt for advertising in search engines you’ll only pay when somebody specifically clicks your ad!

So, if your business is in need of a little digital help, make sure to contact us at hello@themarketingshop.ie for your FREE CONSULTATION now!


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