reluctantIn December 2011, I was invited on to a wonderful radio show, Local Business Matters on Near FM a weekly show hosted by Eamonn O’Brien, of The Reluctant Speaks Club where a series of guests discuss topics that are relevant to local businesses and where listeners can tune in and pick up a few tips to use in their own endeavours.

Given that The Marketing Shop are specialists in marketing, we covered a number of areas related to marketing your business including deciding on your local marketing, business name, attracting customers to your business, social media and we even mentioned one of the best free resources that are available to you.

I’m now delighted to share the podcasts of the show with you and would suggest that if you don’t have the time to listen to all four segments now, that you save them and pop back on another day as whatever your business you might just learn something.

And of course, we’d love to hear your feedback 🙂






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