As always we’ve got a blog post for a Tuesday but this week’s is a little different, it’s a post about a new offering from The Marketing Shop.

Over the years we’ve worked with businesses from all sorts of very different industries on making the most of their presence online and offline. Frequently we’ve come across situations where a lack of social media presence stems from a fear of creating content. Often it’s more of a challenge for service-based businesses where you don’t have products to share on your platform of choice. In many situations, we’ve created the images for them either a pack for their brand or on an ad-hoc basis, more often though we empower people to take control of creating their images because once you learn what can be done the sky really is the limit.

We decided to launch a simple, to the point programme that enables anybody to design a presence that’s the right fit for their business.

‘Look Good Online’ will take you through a review of your brand and story, help you define your audience, look at planning your social media (there’s even a free social media planner!!!), and show you using the wonderful tool that is Canva, just how you can create a visual display that will WOW your audience.

Through a series of video tutorials, worksheets, and tips and tricks, you can in just a few hours learn how to work with stock photos and video, use your own materials, add animation or music and optimise your graphics so that they look their best whatever the network – no more cropped details when you share from one network to another!

It’s a programme we’ve covered with a lot of very different business owners and marketing professionals on a one to one basis, in offering it via our online portal you can learn at a pace that works for you or consume it all in one session – it’s a crash course that works!

Find out more at https://the-marketing-shop.teachable.com/p/look-good-online – and if you book by 31st May there’s an introductory offer that will save you 25%!

It’s simple, quick, easy to follow and if you get started today, your business can LOOK GOOD ONLINE tomorrow!

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