Maxwol Cosmetics - The Marketing ShopFrom our experience with social media at Maxwol / MyGizmo / WebAngel we have some tips for absolute beginners which helped us and might help you too!


  • Creating your accounts and updating statuses on twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+ is a must.  This will not work immediately but after a while you will see more and more visitors on your page. It’s long process with no immediate effects.
  • Be there for your potential customers.  You can interact with them via your accounts and your company blog. Let them comment your product/services.
  • Write your blog and let your visitors comment your posts. Not always is very easy as spam robots are everywhere but with small effort you will get additional followers looking on regular base for news in your company.
  • Another nice idea is newsletter your customers can sign in. No matter if you are very small or just beginning your journey you will need help to grow.
  • Look for regional and national small business groups on-line and get support.

And remember, with Social Media you will find not only customers, you will find new friends as well!


– Maia Romanowska

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