Launched in April 2011, The Marketing Shop owned by Debbie Ringwood-McDonnell provides a range of marketing solutions to SMEs in a range of industries, at affordable prices.  When selecting the name, the vision has always been to think like a retailer – sell the customer only what they need, not what they think they need and to ensure that they don’t need to add a long term financial commitment to their balance sheet.

Debbie spent her formative career in roles which included Marketing, Sales, Customer Service & Training and are therefore well placed to appreciate the demands within a business.  And, in the Ireland of 2011 as purse strings are closely monitored, it’s become only too common place that many business owners struggle to manage the many disciplines themselves.

According to Debbie, “our research indicated that many small to medium sized enterprises are keen to explore new options such as creating a web presence or exploring social media, but don’t have the in-house experience or time to look the myriad of options that are available.  We offer an SME the opportunity to avail of our vast experience without having to recruit a designated employee, enabling them to expand their marketplace without adding a permanent fixture to their balance sheet”.

To date, The Marketing Shop have worked with customers in a range of industries including; IT, Software, Alternative Healthcare, Motor Trade and Retail, amongst others, all of whom have enjoyed a specifically tailored plan to meet their current requirements.  As their business grows and the market evolves, we will work with them on future plans on an ad-hoc or contract basis.

Specialities include Social Media Training, Social Media Design, Marketing & Management, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, E-Marketing, Blogging, Marketing Campaigns, Copywriting and also the more traditional, offline marketing elements such as Print Media, Flyers or Brochures too.

The Marketing Shop is now pleased to announce, that in addition to the extensive range of services we can already provide, we are offering Web Design too.  From a simple informative site right through to a fully functional e-commerce site, with retail or warehouse stock control integration, or ebay/amazon channels, we’ve got a solution for you with appointed partners offering customised software and over 15 years experience in this area.

So, whatever your business and whatever your requirements, we’ve got a marketing option to suit your business – and your budget!

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