Debbie McDonnell - Owner Of The Marketing ShopOften in small business we’re so focused on the day to day activities working in the business that we don’t take enough time to work on the business.  Planning and marketing frequently sit on the to-do list but with other more pressing tasks coming up each week, they’re often left until there’s a quiet time or sales dip a little.

This is where The Marketing Shop can help you as we can take care of the marketing function so that while you’re dealing with today, we’re looking after tomorrow.

Areas we work with clients on include;

Social Media Training – one to one, as part of a group and we can remain on stand-by as you get started.  We can train you on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus or Instagram – as appropriate to your business.

Social Media Management – we’ll put together a plan, create and source content, manage your activity across all relevant platforms and drive relevant traffic to your store or website.

Email Marketing – working with your existing database or with you to develop a new one, we can implement an email marketing campaign that’s structured to deliver the right content for your customers and ultimately traffic to your business.

Blogging – you’ve had a blog inserted on your website but struggle to find time to update it?  We can update it for you or work with you on developing a strategy to simplify the process.

Copywriting – whether it’s content for your website or a company publication, we can create copy to suit.

Websites – WordPress is the software powering more than 75 million websites worldwide. We can create a site, update your existing site or train you to how more effectively work with one you may already have.

Marketing Consultancy – we can work as an outsourced marketing function for your business taking care of both the online and offline presence for your company, managing company events, developing publications, working with your suppliers and more.

We can work with you on once-off projects, fill in a gap due to maternity leave or holidays or manage some or all of your marketing tasks on a long-term basis.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you give Debbie a call at 087-2785818 or email debbie@themarketingshop.ie and I’ll be in contact to discuss your options.

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