Yes you did read the title correctly, we did in fact get a mention in The New York Times today and we’re sharing the news with you as this is proof positive of the power of a blog!

In January Debbie McDonnell signed up to blog with Bloggertone and in her second post, she took on board the many factors that you should consider when choosing a name for your business.  As many of our readers will appreciate, choosing a name to suit generally takes quite a lot more effort than expected when you first sit down with pen and paper or log on to register a name or domain, only to find out somebody’s beaten you to it.

You can read the original article here –

What’s In A Business Name? 20 Considerations For Getting It Right.

Never underestimate the power of the internet, blogging in particular can open up all sorts of wonderful opportunities to you and your business, not just in terms of growing your visibility on search engines but in terms of capturing an audience you’d never have reached otherwise – after all, how else would one of the biggest names in publishing have picked up content from a marketing consultant in Dublin?

Blogging to benefit for your business is an art form, but unlike many other arts it’s not necessarily based on an innate talent.  It’s something you work on over time and you will find your place and style while learning to take the “science” bits into account at the same time.

Debbie McDonnell The Marketing Shop Gets A Mention In The New York Times


The full article as can be located here.


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