Una Hearne & Debbie McDonnellFrequently when somebody mentions ‘networking’ these days thoughts turn to our preferred social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, the way we’ve become used to communicating with friends, family, customers and peers on a regular basis.  There’s no doubt that this has enabled us grow our network and maintain contact with people who perhaps aren’t located too close-by or perhaps we’d lost touch with over the years.

Often though people don’t truly appreciate the benefits of networking in the offline world too – no amount of tweeting will ever truly ever be as effective as simply sitting down and having a coffee with somebody that you might just have something, business or otherwise in common with.

I’ve been a fan of the Dublin City Enterprise Board since I launched The Marketing Shop almost three years ago, starting with their start-up network and now into my second year as a member of the DCEB Network For Women.

This particular group is a women’s group with business people in a very varied range of industries who all have one thing in common – to be successful in their business and to help each other where they can do.

Each month we’re treated to an expert in a particular field and this month’s guest speaker was Una Hearne of UnaHearne.com an experienced career coach and trainer who worked with those who are either at the start-up stage or perhaps a little further down the line to focus on the vision for their business.  It was a hugely popular event and I’m sure that just about all of us left at the end of the evening with plans to use Una’s model to really work on reaching their goals for their business – and quite possibly to use the model in their personal life too.

If you’re in the Dublin area and would like to find out more or would like to join up, you can find more information at http://www.dceb.ie/event-calendar/networking


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