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If you’re not quite sure what you need, why not take up one of our complimentary consultations and find out how we can make life easier for you?

the marketing shop - content marketing

Graphics For Social Media

Every social network has its own set of dimensions or formats, in many cases the same content isn’t suited to every network too. We can design to suit whatever is best for your business and tailor to each platform too.

the marketing shop - video marketing

Video Ads/Campaigns

Video is a powerful means of grabbing your customer’s attention, we can work with footage you already have or stock video/photo to deliver the right message to your audience with accompanying ads too.

the marketing shop - content marketing

Blog Posts, Web Content, Email Marketing

Often businesses know they need to blog, send emails or update their website but lack time or resources in-house, that’s where we can take care of that task for you.

A Sample Of Our Social Media Graphics, You'll Find More On Our Portfolio.

Content Creation FAQ

What networks do you arrange content for?

We can design images or graphics sized to suit all of the social networks to ensure that your audience sees your products or business at its best.

What input does a client have?

We start every project no matter how big or small with a consultation where we’ll cover your likes/dislikes, discuss your audience, what sort of content you have naturally such as photos or videos, what you’re hoping to achieve with your content marketing and of course your branding will be taken into account too.

Can you do video without the team?

Now more than ever with people working remotely or from home not everybody can be in the same place or has the picture perfect backdrop that they’re happy to share with the world.  It’s also the case that not everybody likes to get in front of a camera yet they still want to market their business in one of the most powerful ways possible.  For this reason we can arrange a wide selection of stock photos and videos to work alongside any content you have from your business, we’ll add logos or anything else that’s relevant and then it’s all yours.

What's the detail with blog content?

Over the years we’ve written content for websites and blog posts across such as wide range of topics that we know we can adapt and take on your business too.  Without a doubt a blog is a powerful way to boost your visibility on search engines, in many cases though it’s not practical to write them in-house when you can make a better use of your time despite the fact that this will help your business for the long term.  

How does email marketing work?

We’ve taken care of email marketing for businesses with lists ranging from hundreds to over a hundred thousand. 

We’ve used a range of programmes such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign and Convertkit so we know our way around them and can introduce you to the right fit for your business. 

We’re also keenly aware of the trends and what’s working now having first worked specifically in this area all the way back in the early 2000s.

We know what works, how to interpret the data and how to ensure it’s delivering for you.

What options are available for website content?

Creating the right content for your website is a balance of company and product information combined with a little emphasis on sales and education while at the same time being mindful of what search engines such as Google expect.

At The Marketing Shop we’ve created content for website for a wide range of industries including;

  • Entertainment venue
  • Supermarket
  • Business consultant offering Six Sigma Lean programmes
  • Skincare brand
  • Holiday property
  • Life coach
  • Catering company
  • Tradesmen
  • Mechanic
  • Restaurant
  • I.T. Business

And that’s just a sample!

There is a knack to it and the content must always reflect both the brand personality and the anticpated need of the target audience.

We’re always mindful of what search engines expect, to this end we increased our knowledge of SEO just this year in 2021 with a CPD Training in SEO so that we’re catering for both the text and technical components when writing for any website.

We can provide the full content, you approve and edit before it goes live.  Alternatively if you’ve written content that’s either not yet on or site or is need of a refresh we can work on this for you also.

Some areas such as technical information, terms and conditions or privacy policies will require more input from you as these are quite specific in the case of technical and legal documents in the case of the latter.  However, we are forever looking to options that might suit with one such product now available here in Ireland that can enable you to create your own privacy policy which is updated automatically via an app –find out more at this link.

The pricing

As some of the projects we’re asked to do are once-off, others can run for years with others yet again being a seasonal task, we will always meet with any clients interested in these services by Zoom in advance of quoting for your business.

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