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Marketing Should Be Part Of Your Business Every Day


An investment in the long-term health of your business, marketing works alongside all departments in your business and the most powerful marketing welcomes team voices from within the company too.

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Outsourced Marketing

At The Marketing Shop we take care of everything related to Marketing for a select number of clients.  Over the years we’ve worked with clients in this capacity for over five years.  If you’d like to find out if this is the right option for your business schedule a meeting at this link.

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Marketing Consultancy & Coaching

Book us for a once-off session or brain-storming day or alternatively avail of one our two NEW ‘Let’s Get Marketing’ programmes, designed to ensure you have us to hand over a period of time.  Find out more about the first two options to go on sale here.

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Marketing Strategy & Training

We can work with you to create your strategy, on other occasions we might implement it and for some clients we’re a sounding board as it’s evaluated. Find out more about how we can help you here.

A sample of some of the clients we've worked with here at The Marketing Shop

Marketing FAQ

What Industries Do The Marketing Shop Work With?

At The Marketing Shop we have worked in clients across a wide range of industries including; childcare, software, IT, healthcare, hospitality, HVAC, travel, retail, security, manufacturing, entertainment, event management, health & beauty, sports, interior design, home technology, alternative therapies, professional services, haircare, distribution, journalism, motor industry – and more!

We never work with two clients from the same sector at any point, we won’t even allow an overlap if we’re finishing up one project as we know that’s in the best interest of our clients.

To illustrate the wide range of businesses we’ve worked with we’re sharing a sample of just some of our past clients here on our website.  We don’t share details of all of our past or current clients as on occasion there’s an NDA in place and in other cases simply because keeping an eye on the competition is part of our job too!!

Marketing Consultancy - The Details

As every business and industry differs, our consultancy sessions can be anything from a once-off brainstorming session with a sales and management team to a series of check-ins over a period of weeks or months where a client needs a sounding board as they implement a new strategy.

Tailored to suit your business we’ve worked with sole traders taking their first steps into the world of self-employment right through to a high profile company trading for over sixty years.  It’s fair to say our experiences have been really varied and our contribution in every case has been a valuable part of their journey.

Marketing Coaching - The Let's Get Marketing Deals!

As the world has changed many of us have made adjustments in how we do business and you don’t have to do this alone.  At The Marketing Shop we’ve devised two programmes based on experience that we know work for clients over a period of time;

Let’s Get Marketing – The Kick-Start Deal; ideal for somebody who is new to the concept of having somebody work with them on Marketing or Social Media over three months.

Let’s Get Marketing – Moving On Up; suited to somebody who is changing direction or taking their business to the next level, we’ll be spending more time with you over a period of four months and this will encompass everything related to Marketing and Social Media, we take care of offline too.

If you haven’t already clicked through on the links above you can subscribe to either of these programmes here.

Outsourced Marketing - The Details

Often the clients we work with don’t have the requirement to employ somebody in this capacity yet, sometimes they’re going through or planning a period of growth.  With us to hand we help them drive their business forward to the next level.

If you choose this option we can take care of everything related to Marketing – Website Management & Design, Social Media Management, Paid Ad Campaigns, Strategy, Content Creation, Email Marketing, Print Media, Outdoor Campaigns, Radio, Events, Offline Marketing, etc. 

Essentially our client chooses where they need assistance and more often than not this evolves over time too.  As our experience covers more than the digital sphere we are the ultimate all-rounders when we are comes to all things Marketing, Social Media and Web.

We have also on occasion worked alongside a Marketing Department as an extra pair of hands on occasions such as an imminent product launch or covering for maternity leave.

If you’d like to find out whether this is an option for your business you can schedule a meeting at this link.

Marketing Strategy - The Details

During 2021 we have introduced our ‘Marketing Strategy Sessions’ – one to one coaching over a period of six sessions where we take everything from identifying your strengths and weakness to defining your ideal customer(s) and work towards creating a Marketing Strategy that’s right for you.

We have designed our own workbook to supplement the journey so that between our sessions you can do some ‘homework’.

Clients that we have worked on a strategy with in the past have occasionally arranged with us to do a monthly check-in to ensure everything is running to plan, other times it’s an annual review or an update when a change in how they operate happens or when the marketplace has shifted such as in the case of the period since early 2020.

The Pricing

Our ‘One To One Marketing Strategy Sessions’ are a set price and can be booked right here on our website, if this is a fit why not get started today?

Our all-new coaching programmes are also available for booking on our website, you can sign up for the first two of several options we’re introducing in the ‘Let’s Get Marketing’ programme at this link.

If you’re not quite sure what you need then avail of our free discovery call which you can schedule here, after the call we can establish what your requirements are and then give you a costing based on what you need.


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