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Business, It’s All In The Options

When choosing the platforms for your business we start with the audience and where they spend their time, then we look at what’s available or right for you and what’s working or not for you to date.

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Social Media Management

We manage Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter & Pinterest for business, creating content such as captions, graphics, blog posts or video and working with your content too. And we follow up or engage with third parties as is suited too.

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Social Media Training

A once off one to one or group training programme or multiple sessions by Zoom, we can work with you and have trained in this area for many organisations including Dublin City LEO.

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Social Media Consultancy

Not sure if social media is for you or enjoying it but not finding is as effective as you expected?  Why not book a consultancy session with us – or one of our very popular option – The Marketing Shop Power Hour.

A Sample Of Our Social Media Graphics, You'll Find More On Our Portfolio.

Social Media FAQ

How Does Social Media Management Work?

At The Marketing Shop we manage Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest for clients.

If you’re new to social media we can create your presence, ensure we’ve taken everything into account including the inclusion of the platforms on your website(s) or other marketing materials and launch your business on the respective networks.

If you’ve got an existing presence we’ll do an audit looking at all of the related analytics tools for the various platforms and your website so that we can establish any patterns or behaviours that are relevant.

Whether you’re new or updating your social media presence we can create graphics or video, write the content, ensure all relevant links are in place and ensure that there’s a tone of voice and plan for your business.

As Facebook and Instagram tend to perform best when there’s a budget behind them we’ll go through the pros and cons, the types of campaigns available and create related campaigns to ensure your business gets off to the best possible start.

We have managed the social media presence for clients for anything from months to years across a range of industries.

In February of this year Debbie undertook an exam offered by Facebook – ‘Facebook Certified Community Manager’ – a further endorsement of her skills around community development, management, strategies, the Facebook group of channels which includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp – and of social media in general.

We will update you weekly on performance and share what’s working or not, ask for updates from within the company and share our recommendations based on what’s happening around us.

What way do you train on social media?

At The Marketing Shop we train on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest for clients.

Those we work with in this area tend to have a wide range of experience, some are complete beginners, others have tried and abandoned it, others yet again are using it with varying degrees of success.

We train people in groups or on a one to one basis, over a period of sessions or as part of a training day.

In order to help you determine what’s best we do recommend that you take up our complimentary discovery call so that we can establish what’s the right fit for you.

For groups we tend to design a tailor-made programme because where there’s a common issue such as everybody working within the same company the emphasis will be on the ideal audience for that business and the industry.   Another such group might be business owners at a particular stage in their journey, Dublin City LEO is one situation where we undertook this approach – we trained their Start-Ups in Digital Marketing for a couple of years with some of those we trained going on to become our customers as their businesses got underway.  We have also within companies run workshops on a particular platform such as Linkedin for a sales team.

In the case of individuals we have a slightly different approach, we do take into account the business and industry but it’s often the case that these are more on the lines of Social Media Coaching Sessions as once we look at areas such as that individuals likes or dislikes of networks, how they work within their business (some clients don’t have ready access to a computer or phone at all times) and technology for example, the fact that we’re more flexible can make a huge difference in how that person becomes empowered in their use of social media.

At The Marketing Shop we will be launching a number of programmes that can be undertaken online shortly, now would be a good time to sign up for our email to ensure you’re among the first to know – link is below.

How does social media consultancy work?

A consultancy programme can literally run as a one hour session as you would undertake with any other professional.  It might be a series of sessions or alternatively we are on stand-by for a couple of hours a month of a longer period of time so you have a sounding board as you get your social media marketing underway.

We can offer a comprehensive audit as part of or separate to this package, many clients find this a very valuable practice.

Creating Content - Captions, Blog Posts, Copywriting, Graphics, Email & Video

As every business and industry differs, we will do an audit of what’s performing or not to date and an assessment of what’s working in your sector, your competitors will always be worth a look too.  We’ll then work with you on coming up with the right voice for your business working with your content and a combination as required of video, graphics and blog posts which we can take care of for you.  

Competitions & Promotions

For competitions we’ll advise on best practice, create and manage the implementation for you and ensure that all rules applicable to the platform of choice are adhered to whilst the winners are selected fairly too.

If you’re running a promotion such as special offers for a period of time we’ll also advise on the best way to maximise your reach whilst working with the rules of the relevant platform.


What about ad campaigns?

We’ve run campaigns for clients on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter and can work with you on a variety of options whether it’s generating leads, driving traffic to your site, growing your audience, generating sales, reaching people during a promotion or recruiting for a job.

If you would prefer to run the ads yourself we are happy to train you on Facebook and Instagram ads.



Depending on the nature of your business we’ll be selecting channels that your audience enjoy and it may be just one or it may multiple channels, for this reason we don’t quote an upfront price as we cost every project based on the client requirements and whether this is a long term project or something as simple as covering an event or holiday leave.

As a large proportion of our clients engage us for more than their social media, if you’ve opted for marketing consultancy also for example the overall price would be based on everything to suit the requirements.

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