Outsource Biz People Fotolia_21399008_Subscription_Monthly_XXLWe deal with small businesses every day across a wide range of industries and as we all struggle to keep costs low, one of the most common complaints we come across is that there simply isn’t time for ‘marketing’.

In the small business sector there’s frequently a small team of multi-taskers juggling everything from sales to customer service, HR to Accounts and while we all know that we need to be mindful of what’s coming down the line that tends to be an area that takes second place to taking care of today’s priorities.

If you’re that small business owner it can be tempting to take the laptop home or battle on and get the job done anyway, even if it’s at the expense of family time – or indeed time you could spend working in another area of your business which makes better use of your talents.

It’s become common place to outsource your accounting or administration but have you really thought about outsourced marketing or social media?

As a guide some of the outsourced solutions we’ve offered to clients include;


  • Social media management: twitter, facebook, pinterest, google plus – we’ve got client accounts for all and more importantly we’ve got growing client accounts focused on the wider picture and a quality following as we know from experience that it’s not about the numbers it’s about the business and that if somebody is managing your social media they’re taking care of your reputation too.
  • Adwords: some of our clients have had accounts that needed a review while others are new to adwords but don’t have the time or interest to look into how they can advertise their business on google.  We’ve reduced spend while at the same time driving traffic up – win/win for clients who get the right customers and customers who find the right business.


  • Email marketing: one of our favourite areas we come across clients on a regular basis who’ve amassed a database but aren’t quite sure how to get the best out of it – or whether it’s compliant with data protection regulations.  We’ve trained some clients to learn how to communicate with their clients themselves but more often than not we work on everything from updating their list to creating the content and interpreting the results.
  • Marketing consultancy: with some clients there’s a need for marketing help but the business doesn’t need to have somebody on staff so we’re on hand to advise on marketing – online or offline – when we’re needed in person, by email or by phone.  And where your business has a marketing manager who needs time off for maternity leave, illness or even holidays why recruit when you can outsource?
  • Blogging: we blog for several customers as many wonderful websites include a blog but once the initial burst of enthusiasm wears off there’s nobody really available on staff with the designated task of updating the blog.  It’s one of the best ways to grow your visibility on google and to communicate easily with your customers.
  • Website management: apart from blogs there’s a need to update content and often we find customers have all the login information but simply lack the time to keep their specials up to date or edit their content when a new product comes on-stream.  Outsourcing the updates keeps the customers happy and saves you time.
  • Copywriting: having written everything from press releases and websites to 200 page brochures, we’re quite comfortable at delivering the right content for the right place to ensure that your business is represented as it should be.  We recognise that words written for the web and print should frequently differ yet we appreciate that your client needs to feel that the copy was written for them and never a search engine.
  • Project management: if you’ve got a new website on order or have planned to expand your business, we can work with you to ensure that everything from choosing the right name/domain, creating social media accounts and the website build are designed to suit the long term needs of the business.


Still wondering about outsourcing?  Well, consider a few of the benefits;

  • Cost – we’re not a permanent addition to your bottom line, you’re simply paying a fee and we take care of the rest.
  • Training – it’s our job to stay on top of developments in the world of web and marketing, you don’t need to upskill.
  • Flexibility – we meet clients evenings or weekends to suit as we know business is not always Monday – Friday 9-5.
  • Time – if it takes you a few days to get that email out whereas we can turn it around in hours, isn’t it a more efficient use of your time to focus on your strengths?
  • Partners – we’ve got partners in IT & software and can happily recommend the right solution in design, print, video, promotional materials and a whole lot more too.


Would you like to have a chat or find out if we can help you?

Don’t leave it on your to-do list any longer, click here for our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you to discuss your options.






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