March 2013 MarketingMarch this year sees quite a number of occasions and holidays here in Ireland including;

8th March – International Women’s Day

10th March – Mother’s Day

17th March – St Patrick’s Day 

31st March – Easter Sunday

And that’s apart from school holidays which ensure a lot of people will be taking time out to spend with family/friends, or if they’re lucky they might just be heading off on holiday.

So, what better time to look at what you might do in business if you’ve got a number of festive seasons coming up, even if your business isn’t directly related to the event or occasion in question.

In our experience some top tips for marketing during holiday times would include;

Acknowledge the event, you don’t have to go green for St Patrick’s Day or cover your Facebook profile with flowers for Mother’s Day but people do like to be appreciated, particularly on social media.  So, if it’s appropriate a change of cover photo  might be suitable – and you can do this now so you’re organised as we will have a number of short weeks together.

– If you’re in retail or hospitality your campaigns are already underway and you’ve got the ideal business for cashing in on what can be a lucrative time.  If you’ve decided to update a restaurant menu for the day for example, have somebody assigned to updating it at close of business or removing anything green after the St Patrick’s Bank Holiday weekend.  It takes just minutes to organise it, but having seen a Valentine’s menu on display in March it’s something that easily be missed.

Don’t try to merge all the events into one even if it will save you on marketing. Whether you consider it convenient / inconvenient that several occasions run over consecutive events they are quite separate events and where flowers might be the order of the day for 10th March, by the 17th it’ll be shamrocks.

Don’t feel you have to participate.  It’s a date that will pass so don’t get stressed about creating clever memes or discounted offers so that you’ve got something to offer simply for the sake of it.  Yes, every business wants to exploit every opportunity but occasionally if you’re not a good fit for the occasion it would be better to use that time on looking at a campaign that will benefit your business.

– If your working hours are affected because of public holidays make your revised hours easily visible both on your website and on your social media.  And if you state on a Facebook page on the Friday before Easter that you’re now off until Tuesday, stay off the page – you’re either there or you’re not.  If however a customer comments on your page in the interim it’s perfectly acceptable to deal with it if it’s necessary.

Accept that holidays are days off for most people and take a day off.  You may well be sitting at your desk while the rest of the world appears to be at the pub but you don’t need to share this.  By all means if you wish to share your Irish meme or wish your fans a “Happy St Patrick’s Day” do, but please don’t expect people to start reading your latest business blog posting in their precious time off.  Personally when I see this type of attempt to grab my attention on what should be downtime I unlike the page.

I think we deserve a little downtime and March most certainly is delivering it to us with lots of occasions back to back.  It will of course make for a challenging time for most people in business as we strive to condense five days work into four but with a little thought in advance, your marketing need not add to the stress.


And if you struggle with working out event or occasion marketing, why not give us a call?





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