A question we’re asked on an ongoing basis and generally the answer is yes if you’d like more sales!

That may perhaps be an overly simplistic statement but in the vast majority of cases an effective blogging programme should result in an increase in turnover – and here’s a few reasons that would be;

  • SEO or Search engine optimisation – we all want to be more easily found in Google, your blog if it’s designed properly both technically and in how it’s worded you will grow your visibility in search engines.
  • Traffic to your website – in another post we’re going to cover google analytics and the benefits of using this or another programme to track activity on your website.  Ideally you would know how many people find their way onto your website in a given day/week/month and you want this figure to grow – your blog content is a very important means of grabbing a potential customers attention taking you to a blog.
  • Generate sales – ultimately we’re all in business to make a living no matter how enjoyable we find our chosen career and while there’s nothing more off-putting than a series of blog posts designed to tell your customers how great you and your products or services are, bear in mind that ultimately your blog articles are designed to help bring sales to your company.
  • An additional communications channel – you may have additional product information that isn’t included on the website whether by design or because it’s something that’s become available since the site was created or alternatively you might want to share information that is beneficial to your end users.  Other communications you might share include details of legislation, industry news or new products – not always suited to the standard template that works for the rest of your site.
  • Showing the face behind the brand – in an ideal world people buy from people but in some cases the situation may come down to price. Where you can’t compete on price perhaps because it isn’t an option why not put forward a little of the human side of the business so that if it’s the personality that clinches the sale yours is the one they get to know.  It doesn’t have to be a quirky approach or even one person’s face to represent the business but this can be especially effective if you’re selling something that doesn’t ordinarily lend itself to social media channels, email marketing or other more obvious marketing.


In future posts we’re going to look in more detail at blogging and how you can make it work for you, this post is merely to highlight a couple of the benefits that every business should appreciate.



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