Small Business Marketing TipsStarting this week we’re introducing a new series here at The Marketing Shop which will focus on small business marketing tips.

We know that within the small business community here in Ireland there are wonderful people doing amazing things in business.  In our series we’re asking a selection of businesses from a range of sectors to share a tip on what works for them when it comes to marketing their business.

There isn’t a tried and tested formula for all so we hope that over time we’ll build a valuable resource for the small business user to dip into just to see how others market their product or service.

In the course of our series we also hope that you’ll come across some new businesses that we’ve engaged with either online or offline and found to be effective in their respective fields.

Our first tip will be shared on Friday 10th May, with a follow up each Friday.

We’ve already got a selection lined up for you but if you would like to participate, please feel free to contact debbie@themarketingshop.ie with your details.

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