Summer is well and truly underway lending itself naturally to some ideas for your content this month. However, if you’re struggling to fill that your social media calendar, here are a number of ideas you might like to incorporate this month.

World Environment Day – Wednesday 5th June; with its origins dating back to 1974, them theme for this year is ‘Beat Air Pollution’. Whilst it doesn’t lend itself to social media in many instances, perhaps acknowledge it by sharing some relevant media for your industry. Or if you can do something in your sector why not share a little information on what you’re doing. More on the World Environment Day website.

World Blood Donor Day – Friday 14th June; not something realistically that every business can refer to in their marketing or social media but if you’ve perhaps got some employees getting involved why not give it a shout-out on your social media, you’re not looking to gain business from this but doing your bit for all of us. You can learn more on the World Blood Donor Day website where you can even find a few ideas of how you might help out.

World Juggling Day – Saturday 15th June; this could make for a fun day! Thought to date back over 4,000 years this could make for quite a novelty competition – share photos or videos on social media, involve the team or invite your customers. It’s guaranteed to make people smile, if you can see a place in your business – and you just never ever know who you work with that might have an interest in a more unusual hobby like this – there are ways you can use it in your social media for some humorous content.

Father’s Day – Sunday 16th June; a day to celebrate the fathers and those who take on the role such as step-fathers, grandfathers or uncles. If it’s a fit for your business you’ve probably run some form of promotion around this event in the past, it doesn’t necessarily need to cost a lot but sometimes it’s just an acknowledgement that makes a difference for your customers.

International Sushi Day – Tuesday 18th June; whether you like it or not, there’s no doubt it’s a healthy food option. And as with all food-related days there are opportunities to explore if you’re in the hospitality / food services sector if you take a little time to plan.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day – Friday 21st June; yes, this is a real holiday and while it might be the most productive of days it’s guaranteed to be fun and as pets in general are thought to reduce the stress in an environment you may well reap the benefits in ways you can’t plan for. On this day photos of your dogs would make for great social media content, in hospitality or retail there are ample opportunities to do something that will grab the attention of the public too. Find out more about how it works on the Dogs Trust website.

International Women In Engineering Day – Sunday 23rd June; although women are increasingly make gains in sectors such as engineering there’s still some way to go so why not if you’ve got somebody on your team in this field make a big deal of it today? Interviews for your blog / social media make for great content. Locally here in Ireland keep an eye on the Engineers Ireland website as there might just be some updates that will come in useful, you can also find out more on the International Women In Engineering Day website.

Global Beatles Day – Tuesday 25th June; on the 25th June 1967 The Beatles performed their classic ‘All You Need Is Love’ on the first live TV broadcast from the BBC to 26 countries and 400 million people. So, this is officially a day to celebrate their amazing contribution to the world of entertainment even if they are celebrated all the time by their fans worldwide all these years later. How can you use it in your business? Well, always remember you need permissions for copyrighted materials such as photos but if you’re in entertainment for example how about incorporating their music into your day? Simply sharing a link to an appropriately related song on YouTube can acknowledge it too, particularly if you’ve brought a little more of your personality into your social media persona. More on the Global Beatles Day website.

Industrial Workers Of The World Day – Thursday 27th June; take time to thank those who keep the word moving. For business owners it’s a nice opportunity to introduce those who perhaps keep things ticking behind the scenes yet who don’t generally get a mention on the website or social media. Further information is available on the Industrial Workers Of The World website.

World Social Media Day – Sunday 30th June; the last day of the month and an important one considering the nature of this post. Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. How you use it is determined by your business and/or personal interest and today’s a day the concept is celebrated for all that it is. Originating in 2010, you will undoubtedly find a lot of information online using the hashtag #SMday.  We think it’s a day you can most definitely try to do something a little different on your social media – your first Facebook Live, combining your offline with your online presence, kicking off a campaign of a new channel for you, introducing your social media person/team or simply running a promotion. The # listed above may even help you come across ideas that worked for others in the past.

So, that’s a selection of days you might like to use in your social media this June, we’ll be back with the next update in this series in July.

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