Welcome to the latest in our series of blog posts covering topics that you might like to include in your social media if you’re a bit short of ideas this month.

December naturally lends itself to a number of themes with it being both Christmas and New Year so in this post we’re going to look at what’s happening other days for those who for their own reasons don’t feel the need to cover the festive season for the duration of the month.

  1. Global Love Day – 2nd December; with its origins in 2007 this day was designed to remind us all to remember to remember that love for ourselves and for others should be unconditional and to show how we care in whatever way is appropriate.
  2. Walt Disney Day – 3rd December; celebrated on the first Monday of November this is a day to remember all that’s fantastic about the wonderful world of Disney.  Tradtionally this is celebrated by watching a Disney movie – and we’ve got lots of choice there whether it’s a more traditional option with Disney favourite Mickey Mouse, ever popular Toy Story or in more recent years something for the Star Wars fans of the world.
  3. Cookie Day – 4th December; always something to enjoy about cookies so why not celebrate them for a day!
  4. Bartender Appreciation Day – 7th December; originally a US holiday this is celebrated in a number of countries and given the time of year why not take this day to celebrate it by tipping the barman a little extra.
  5. Have A Bagel Day – 11th December; with origins thought to date back as far as the 1600s, the stirrup or buegel as it was then arrived into the US in the 1900s and quickly established themselves as a favourite snack once it came under the control of the Bagel Bakers hence the changing name. Today it’s a popular snack across much of the world so today’s a day to maybe enjoy one for breakfast or lunch or to share a favourite filling if you’re working in hospitalityPoin.
  6. Poinsetta Day – 12th December; the fabulous red plant we see over the Christmas period is thought to date back to the Aztecs and the 1400s.
  7. Hot Cocoa Day – 13th December; the perfect beverage for this time of year whether it’s because of the weather or just a break from shopping, we particularly like it with fresh cream or marshmallows.
  8. International Tea Day – 15th December; an everyday favourite this day was suggested back in 2005 in America and across Asia when it was intended to address working conditions of those working in this industry and in 2015 it became a day to celebrate all that we enjoy about a cuppa.
  9. Chocolate Covered Anything Day – 16th December; given the time of year we all know there’s going to be a lot of chocolate around at this time of year but on this specific day it’s just the perfect excuse to indulge.
  10. Go-Caroling Day – 20th December; with Christmas week well underway this is the ideal day get out and enjoy some seasonal favourites and has become the norm, the chance to raise some funds for charity too.
  11. Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – 21st December; love them or hate them there’s no denying that they’ve become incredibly popular so today’s the day you get out and enjoy wearing that jumper that’ll remain hidden in your wardrobe again after today.
  12. Christmas Day – 25th December; not that this one needs an explanation, enjoy the day and don’t think of your social media unless it’s necessary as people don’t always appreciate people trying to talk business on the one day of the year most people are off to enjoy time with family and friends as it does happen!!
  13. Card Playing Day – 28th December; this probably evolved as a means of keeping the family entertained after the holiday season but we think it’s worth thinking about regular old board games too like Monopoly or Cluedo, the kind of games that suit all the family and don’t require a games console.
  14. Bacon Day – 30th December; a day that’s perfectly suited to days off and the possibility of feeling a little fragile after the night before this is the perfectly tasty way to enjoy a long lazy brunch as the year comes to an end.
  15. Champagne Day – 31st December; yes it’s the last day of the year so probably one of the reasons this came to be the night we finish off the old year and welcome the new over a glass of champagne.  Cheers!

That’s our round-up of days that you might like to add to your social media this December when you’re a little stuck for content as festive it may be but you and your customers might just be glad of a couple of days less Christmas talking.

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