Spring is well and truly underway, mixed temperatures as we’ve come to expect here in Ireland but the brighter evenings and signs in nature of spring all around us can’t help but lift the spirits.

April naturally lends itself to a number of different ideas for social media, here’s our take though on what might come in handy when you’ve got a gap in the calendar to fill.

  • April Fool’s Day – 1st April: As you’d expect our newsfeed today is full of the weird and wonderful, don’t forget though the cut off is generally 12 midday so after that the unusual stories may well be a different time zone.

  • Children’s Book Day – 2nd April: founded in 1967 by The International Board On Books For Young People this is a day which from what I’ve seen isn’t celebrated as widely as it could be. Regardless of whatever technologies are now available reading a book is one of life’s greatest pleasures so children really need to be encouraged to put away the tablet and there are opportunities for many businesses to work with this day through their social media, even something as simple as a giveaway.

  • Pillow Fight Day – 6th April: this one sounds like fun 🙂 Reportedly starting in 2008 public pillow fights have apparently taken place in cities such as Stockholm, London and New York. This could be a lot of fun as an office break-out day or if you’re in retail and bedding is one of your products it could be a fun social media post too!

  • Scrabble Day – 13th April: the cause of a many a squabble, this could make for a very interesting social media post or promotion regardless of your industry.

  • Easter Sunday – 21st April: whether it’s crackin’ deals or eggceptional offers, there’s a lot to work with around this holiday so whether it’s products you’re selling in retail, offers for the long weekend or even a simple easter egg giveaway there’s lots to work with but acknowledge it even if it’s just to wish your customers a Happy Easter or advise on your revised opening hours.

  • Earth Day – 22nd April: the theme this year is ‘Protect Our Species’ and whilst we all know we could do more to protect our planet for the generations to follow us we don’t always know how at a local level we can do anything to help. You can find out more on what’s involved at
    https://www.earthday.org/campaigns/endangered-species/earthday2019/ and once you’ve read up on it think a little about how you might do something in your business that your employees and/or customers might appreciate too.

  • Talk Like Shakespeare Day – 23rd April: whether it’s a memory from school days, an interest in some of his famous works or even a phrase you use that you’re not aware of as originating with The Bard, there’s no doubt we all know of this famous English author.
  • World Penguin Day – 24th April: who doesn’t love the antics of those adorable birds. Cute penguin videos are always a hit, tied in with a ticket to the zoo for a prize could make for an interesting promotion IF your business lends itself to the idea, one for those with an interest in animals perhaps or even a childcare business who might like to run a family promotion.

  • Independent Book Store Day – 27th April: lots of us download our books these days, we can also pick them up at the supermarket along with the groceries or have them delivered. However, a bit of time spent in your local book store might find you leaving with gems that you wouldn’t ordinarily find in the best sellers. Shopping locally is something we all need to do where we can, look around and see if maybe there’s an opportunity to work with your local book store to mark this day.

  • Honesty Day – 30th April: take this one on with an open mind, it could become one very ‘interesting’ promotion with the potential to go far on social media too if you handle it properly 🙂

So this is a round-up of some of the days you can work with on Social Media or in your Marketing during April. Plan in advance, be consistent in your approach and if in doubt look for help as you could have lots of potential customers out there if you manage to get their attention.

If you’d like advice on anything related to Marketing, Social Media, Email or Web Design please get in touch with us – debbie@themarketingshop.ie or 0872785818.

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