This time of year seems like it’s all about the hearts and roses as Valentine’s Day approaches, there are of course other dates to celebrate this month if romance isn’t a top priority for your business as this post highlights.

  1. Working Naked Day – 1st February: probably not one you’ve heard of before and thankfully not quite as it sounds either! It was designed by Lisa Karanek who on leaving her corporate job to work from home realised that sometimes you do feel a little less protected or naked when you’re not working as part of a team. So panic over the name be gone, it’s a day to celebrate all that’s wonderful about working from home, doing your job remotely or being a freelancer – all growing for a reason!
  2. Dump Your Significant Jerk Day – 3rd February: quite the opposite to all things romantic this time of year!
  3. World Nutella Day – 5th February: love it or hate it, Nutella is one of those tastes that’s loved the world over by young and old alike and each year it seems this day is being embraced even more enthusiastically. An ideal day for those of you in the hospitality sector to think of a new dish for the day.
  4. Pizza Day – 9th February: Originating in Naples in the 10th century this is a day to enjoy your favourite toppings or if you’re in retail or catering perhaps think of a new idea to mark the day.
  5. Umbrella Day – 10th February: the earliest on record dates back to 21AD in Ancient China and still today it’s a staple of our everyday lives whether we’ve got rain or sun.
  6. Clean Out Your Computer Day – 11th February: a spring clean for the technology in your life, if your business is in IT this is one to think about.
  7. Valentine’s Day – 14th February: that day of all things romance that people either love or hate, if it’s appropriate make sure to bring some hearts and flowers into your social media for the day <3
  8. Singles Awareness Day – 15th February: yes this is a new one for us too, a day to celebrate all that’s wonderful about being single which originated in Brazil where Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated in February but instead in June we think this is one that will catch on!
  9. Random Acts Of Kindness Day – 17th February: kindness costs nothing and perhaps we could all do with a reminder of this more often than on a dedicated day. We can see this as an option for all sorts of businesses whether it’s for your external social media or just within the office.
  10. Drink Wine Day – 18th February: most of us won’t need to hold off for a dedicated day to enjoy a glass or two but this is a day to remind us that in moderation it’s not all bad is it 😉
  11. World Yoga Day – 22nd February: increasingly popular for mental as well as physical health, the idea of a day to celebrate it is the ideal opportunity for those in related fields to run a special class, invite new members or just to enjoy everything that’s wonderful about yoga whichever style is your preference.
  12. World Bartender Day – 24th February: often unappreciated, those wonderful people who take care of us as we’re out enjoying ourselves. If you’re in hospitality today could be an ideal day to give them a shout-out.
  13. Levi Strauss Day – 26th February: chances are just every single one of us owns some jeans, quite likely at some point some by Levis too. Levi Strauss himself was born on this day in 1829 in Bavaria in Germany moving to California with his family when he was 18. In 1870 when denim material purchased at his family business by a tailor called Jacob W Davis designed as workwear became the first pair of jeans, Levi Strauss & Co came about and a legend was created. A day for those in the clothing industry to celebrate denim appropriately we think!
  14. World NGO Day – 27th February: a relatively new date to the calendar, originating in 2010 in London and declared a date of note by the UN, EU and other leaders across the world in 2014 this is a day to commemorate and celebrate the superb work these organisations do across the world.
  15. Digital Learning Day – 28th February: a very positive day to end the month, it’s becoming increasingly important regardless of your business to have some sort of digital know-how so make today you look into how you or your team can learn a little more. And if you’re in the business of education it’s an ideal opportunity to be a little generous with your offering?

So there we go, 15 days of note in February to help you spruce up your social media for those days when you might be a little short on ideas.

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