All the traditional signs of spring may be here with brighter evenings, milder temperatures and flowers in bloom but without a doubt we’re in very different times to every April before now.

The month generally lends itself to a number of natural dates for social media, most notably the easter holidays where schools are ordinarily off for two weeks instead of the current extended break. However, as businesses are either working differently or have taken some time out, instead of suggesting just dates you might work with in your social media this month I’m going to suggest some ideas along with dates that might work for you personally instead of just at your business.

Sometimes less is more and right now if you’re not in a position to operate your business whilst it’s good to post an occasional update there’s a place for standing back until the time is right to re-launch in the (hopefully!) not too distant future!

  • April Fool’s Day – 1st April: it would seem children across the country were woken to the news that schools would re-open tomorrow, in many cases the resultant videos on social media would suggest not everybody took that news well! Compared to previous years businesses played this date down a lot as it can be tricky at times to get the balance right between what’s amusing and what’s just not for now. Without a doubt people and businesses will make mistakes online but a reminder that for now, remember the mood around us and if there’s the slighest doubt get a second opinion or take the safer option and do nothing.
  • Pillow Fight Day – 4th April: quite like the idea of this 🙂 Reportedly starting in 2008 public pillow fights have apparently taken place in cities such as Stockholm, London and New York over the years. This year with a lot of cabin fever kicking in at homes all around the country this could make for a bit of fun in the home or back garden. If your client audience is families this could make for a fun competition too.
  • World Health Day – 7th April: right now we’re more mindful than ever of our health and that of our family members and friends. This date aims to celebrate the work of the many nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals who keep the world on track and who right now are right at the front line in our battle against Covid-19. The suggestion from The World Health Organisation in relation to this day for your social media is quite simple: “Thank health workers or your favourite nurse/ midwife Nurses, midwives and all health workers are on the COVID-19 frontline. Take a moment to thank them and show them your appreciation. Share photos and videos of and from nurses and midwives, or other health workers, and patients explaining why their work is vital. Use #SupportNursesAndMidwives and #COVID19” – this isn’t one for businesses to hijack but is worthy of a mention even on your personal profiles. More on the official site at https://www.who.int/news-room/campaigns/world-health-day/world-health-day-2020
  • Easter Sunday – 12th April: generally a day for chocolate if you’re in the hospitality sector how about a competition for your social media audience this easter? Ask people to create something seasonal and share photos to win a prize that they can look forward to when you re-open? Given that people everywhere appear to have re-discovered the joy of cooking and baking, this could be a hit if managed properly. If you’re an online retailer, this could also be an interesting time to consider a virtual easter-egg hunt.
  • Scrabble Day – 13th April: the cause of a many a squabble, why not have a good old fashioned game of scrabble with whoever you’re staying home with or alternatively check it out online. You might even find a new hobby!
  • Earth Day – 22nd April: this year earth day will be marked digitally as while nature is showing positive signs from the break from traffic and the everyday chaos that is our lives, it’s important that awareness days are marked because when this chapter is over it’ll be back to a new normal for everyone. You may be in a business where it’s appropriate to mention it or it might be something personal to you, that choice is yours. If you’d like ideas on what sort of events people are organising for this year log on to the official site at https://www.earthday.org/take-action-now/ for inspiration.
  • International Dance Day – 29th April: dance in its many forms has been celebrated on this day since 1982 and while it’s not a year for arranging events with students at dance groups or schools, how about taking your events online instead? Competitions, showing off your moves, running a dance class via zoom – there are options aplenty and it’s something that many businesses can incorporate as something with a bit of fun and the option of a prize that’s befitting the event.

We’re in quite unusual circumstances right now and whilst some businesses are operational others have employees at home. What we can all do however in our businesses is make this time work, enforced time off is something that may never happen again in our lifetime so if you’re not providing an essential service use the time wisely and get set for the next stage because because this challenge will end.

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