This year seems to be whizzing past, right now we’re in April and we’ve got both brighter days and a little more insight into what’s happening in the months ahead for those who are getting back to business.

For now though, we’ve rounded up the dates you need to know about in the month of April to ensure that you’ve got something to talk about when you’re a little short on inspiration.

  • April Fool’s Day – 1st April:  we all know it and by the time you’ve read this it may well be officially over as many consider it finishing at midday. If you do decide to do something in business, here’s a lesson from just this week that might be worth a look first!
  • Chocolate Mousse Day – 3rd April: well it’s a weekend that’s all about the chocolate so why not start in style? If food is your thing here’s a date you might like to share your top tips with followers, even if it’s one they hold off on until the easter eggs are all gone!
  • Pillow Fight Day– 4th April: we could all do with a bit of fun right now and as we’re all asked to stay home, this could make for something of a fun photo competition for a family-oriented brand.
  • Easter Sunday – 5th April: this year it’s not quite so easy to arrange easter-egg hunts, whatever your business though it’s always a good idea to share a simple greeting as it’s a long weekend that most of us are quite happy to see.
  • No housework day – 7th April: one we can all get on board with! If you’re a business in the hygiene field or a de-cluttering expert this is a chance to share a few ideas that will enable us enjoy a day free of housework even every now and then.
  • World Health Day – 7th April: definitely worth a mention, in a year that’s challenged most of us in some way a designated date to think about our health is particularly welcome. The theme this year is ‘Building a fairer, healthier world’ and there’s an official site with ideas and information at https://www.who.int/campaigns/world-health-day/2021. As a business owner there are opportunities for those working in wellness, healthcare, nutrition, coaching, retail and more. If you do take part the # for the day is #WorldHeathDay.
  • Zoo Lovers Day – 9th April: a trip to the zoo isn’t a reality for us right now but hopefully they’ll be open soon. Meanwhile as it’s school holidays a virtual tour to see what your kids favourites are up to right now is available at DublinZoo.ie or if you’re involved in the animal world for business how about suggesting a donation to support their ongoing work even behind closed doors.
  • Sibling Day – 10th April: for many of us we haven’t got to spend as much time with brothers and sisters as we might normally, for many it might be some time yet if they’re in a faraway location. If your business targets a family audience this might be a nice theme to incorporate into a social media promotion.
  • Deskfast Day – 12th April: this is one I haven’t seen before but could be used in any sector to share a behind-the-scenes look at your business, simply pick a time have a zoom breakfast get-together and a catch-up and share a snap. By the time this date comes around next year those zoom meeting photos won’t be so common place but for now it’s nice to see that people are still connecting despite working differently.
  • Wear your pajamas to work day – 16th April: something many have done this past year even if was PJs and a nice top when needed for Zoom. You could have a little fun with this if you were in clothing retail or even if you wanted to put a smile on people’s face wouldn’t a virtual PJ party be a bit of a laugh? You could even charge a couple of euro per person for a good cause too, make it fun, memorable and very shareable for social media.
  • World Hemophilia Day – 16th April: a serious one this but an important awareness day particular in this part of the world
  • Earth Day – 22nd April: this year earth day will be marked digitally as while nature is showing positive signs from the break from traffic and the everyday chaos that is our lives, it’s important that awareness days are marked because when this chapter is over it’ll be back to a new normal for everyone. You may be in a business where it’s appropriate to mention it or it might be something personal to you, that choice is yours. If you’d like ideas on what sort of events people are organising for this year log on to the official site at https://www.earthday.org/take-action-now/ for inspiration.
  • World Book Night – 23rd April: the adult version of the more well-known World Book Day which is celebrated through the likes of schools and libraries, this idea can be incorporated into many industries. It seems this was originally celebrated in Ireland and UK in 2011 spread a year later to other locations such as the US. There are opportunities here for authors, retailers or even book lovers who could run a giveaway of a book on their favourite book – related to their business of course. At a time when we all need to de-stress reading is a wonderful escape, if it’s suited to our business or something you enjoy here’s something a little different for your social media. The official website is at https://worldbooknight.org/ and the # is #WorldBookNight
  • Superhero Day – 28th April: we’ve all got favourite superheroes and they’ll no doubt get a look-in on this day which celebrates your favourite caped crusader or masked vigilante but in today’s world our real-life superheroes are plenty and all around us too. This is a date that can be marked simply across many industries, if you’re in healthcare your superheroes are in plentiful supply just as they are in retail or amongst community groups who’ve done wonderful work over the past year. A bit of clever thinking and the right business could come up with a really nice promotion that celebrates the everyday heroes who don’t always get the recognition they deserve.
  • International Dance Day – 29th April: dance in its many forms has been celebrated on this day since 1982 and while it’s not a year for arranging events with students at dance groups or schools, how about taking your events online instead? Competitions, showing off your moves, running a dance class via zoom – there are options aplenty and it’s something that many businesses can incorporate as something with a bit of fun and the option of a prize that’s befitting the event.

We don’t always mention awareness months but we’re going to give one a shout-out this April because it’s quite timely.

  • Stress Awareness Month – amongst our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours there has been an incredible amount of stress in our world over the past year. If you can arrange something fun albeit restricted to online or from a distance, it’s a nice way to highlight that no matter how challenging things are right now there will be better days. There’s an offical site based in the UK at https://www.stress.org.uk/stressawarenessmonth/ and if you’re here in Ireland a super resource is available at https://www.mentalhealthireland.ie/

As the month of April unfolds we will see the first phases of re-opening and a move forward towards the next chapter. For many businesses there remains an anxious wait for re-opening and it will be wonderful to watch those who have been closed for far too long get to trade again even though it won’t be business as normal for a while yet.

Whatever business you’re in though, there are brighter days ahead and now’s the time to plan for them too. At The Marketing Shop we work with small to medium-sized businesses on Social Media, Marketing, and Web Design, and if you’d like to learn how we can help you, schedule a free consultation at this link to find out what we can do for you.

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