Another month is underway and if you’re in Ireland we’re entering the last month of the summer holidays. This time of year businesses can be a little more relaxed as people enjoy holiday leave – or can be that bit busier as those left behind fill in the gaps. One area that doesn’t ease up for the holidays however is your social media with most of us checking in on holidays or days off too.

So, if you’re in need of a few ideas to include in your social media marketing this month here’s our monthly round-up of dates to note.

  1. World Wide Web Day – 1st August: we take it for granted now but the WWW or World Wide Web originates with Tim Berners-Lee and dates back to a very recent 1989! We take for granted the ease with which we communicate, do business and even watch TV these days and many would never remember a time when you couldn’t have whatever you wanted at the click of a button. Even the memories of dial-up internet cause you to shudder when we see how much progress we’ve made since the WWW was introduced as a means of Berners-Lee communictating with colleagues. The internet existed prior to the WWW but that’s for another day, today is all about the WWW that’s transformed how we live today.
  2. International Beer Day – 2nd August: for those of us in Ireland this day is the start of a bank holiday weekend so perfect timing! Beer is celebrated in many different ways throughout the world but the idea of dedicating a whole day to it originates in 2007 and has since spread throughout the world. One for those in hospitality but given the fact it’s a holiday weekend here lots of other businesses might find a way to mention it too.
  3. August Bank Holiday – 5th August: here in Ireland this is one of our busiest holiday weekends of the year with (hopefully!) good weather, time off, brighter evenings and generally people in the mood to relax, have fun and spend. There are many things you can do in just about every business when it comes to a holiday weekend from changing your opening hours to running special offers but if you’re not in a position to run a promotion that costs you can simply wish people a happy long weekend or update on your opening hours. Ireland is generally in a relaxed mode this weekend, join in!
  4. International Cat Day – 8th August: across the world cats in their many forms are celebrated or enjoyed and while they may not appreciate a day of celebration in their honour, if you work in retail or even better around animals there might just be a promotion you can come up that celebrates or does something to help our feline friends.
  5. Duran Duran Appreciation Day – 10th August: this is a novel one that I personally like to celebrate each year, a celebration of all things Duran Duran who are celebrating their 40th year in the music business and recently headlined the 50th anniversary celebrations of the moon landings at NASA. It’s a quirky one, it also might not appeal to everybody but it pops up on media sites and music-related businesses every year since the day was first conceived so if your audience is one that enjoys a little music or is of a certain vintage it’s one to note. If their music isn’t your thing, this is also a band that do social media really well – see my post from a few years back, aside from offering the first ever downloadable music track for sale they’re quite innovative in their approach – and yes I may be a little biased on this one 😉
  6. International Youth Day – 12th August: founded by the United Nations, International Youth Day is a day to focus on those aged 10 – 24 and how their life is being shaped across the many different parts of the world. This year the focus is on Education and you can read more about it on their website by clicking here. If you’re involved in any business that focuses on the education sector this is perhaps a timely option to include in your social media as by mid-August we’re getting quite close to the new school year.
  7. International Left Handers Day – 13th August: originating in 1976 this day is designed to highlight and celebrate all that’s different for that 10% of the population who are left-handed. Things many of us take for granted from how we’re seated at the dinner table to using a scissors through to playing a sport such as golf are a little different when you work a little differently. There are great strengths associated with being left-handed, creativity and excellent problem-solving abilities amongst the many positives. And many famously creative people were are or were left-handed too; David Bowie, Tom Cruise, Leonardo da Vinci, Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts, Paul McCartney, Jonathan Ross, Neil Armstrong, John McEnroe – and lots, lots more too. You might be lucky enough to have some lefthanders amongst your own team, they’ll undoubtedly know what you can do to make life a little easier so you can mark the day in some way if it suits you.
  8. World Calligraphy Day – 14th August: a much-celebrated artform, often used days for celebrations such as weddings, art displays or awards ceremonies when the attention to detail and expense is priority over the convenience you may have with technology or graphic design tools. Steeped in history, dating back centuries it’s a written art-form that can effectively be incorporated into modern marketing or events to add a stand-out detail if used properly. A business that could incorporate this into social media might be involved with weddings or even print, just ensure it’s used correctly rather than just for the sake of it.
  9. Poet’s Day – 21st August: this is one we thought we’d highlight as we can see a lot of ‘interesting’ opportunities for businesses with an interest in language or just plain old fun to run competitions around this!
  10. Webmistress Day – 26th August: we’ve all become accustomed to hearing about webmasters but with the numbers of women working in technology continuing to grow some people feel it’s appropriate to highlight that quite often your webmaster is female! Apparently it’s a term that’s been in use for some time now while other more politically correct businesses have adopted the term webperson instead. It might not be something we see every day but a quick search on Linkedin tells me it is a term that is used by some people. And, if you’re in the position where you have a team with a woman at the helm of all things web, today might be the day to bring her out from behind the screen and thank her for her contribution to the business because believe us a lot more happens back there than many outside of the web may ever know!

In Ireland August is a busy time for those with children in education so it’s appropriate at different stages during the month to incorporate Leaving Cert Results (13th August) or back to school (last week of August, date varies) at some point for most businesses too.

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